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Fallout Hybrid war on European eastern border

Probably many of you herd about humanitarian crisis on Polish/Lithuanian/Latvian eastern border with Belorussia.

That what on the beginning month ago looks like a state created and coordinated people smuggling to western Europe now go to the phase which we can call a hybrid war.

Attack of 3000 thousands peoples everything coordinated by Belarusian Special forces behind

Here longer reportage with discussions among experts 25 minutes

Here children's used by regime as a propaganda tool on the border

HQ on top of the hill near border with main Belarusian KGB persons coordinating migrants moving and attack. Between peoples there famous Witalij Stasiukiewicz key person in Hrodna responsible for suppressing anti-government protests in 2020 in that city someone like boss of local police.

Even if that is a hybrid war they are also an first deaths amongst people trapped be Belarusian regime on border. Here movie were migrants seek helps from side of beloursian soldiers who guards them.

Here personal order by Mr. Łukaszenka to give migrants firewood to keep them on the border.

Belarusian solders also using weapons firing to sky to terrorized migrants and Polish soldiers but that is dummy ammo already real who now?

And here most sad moment catch by Polish soldiers from their side of border

In Belarusian state TV they said in open text "1939 don't teach you anything. If you are not affected by tears of the children's meaby Russian Tu-22M3 will tell you. Escape together with your NATO trash equipment. (direct allusion to soviet attack 17 September 1939)
So the nuclear winter is coming!

And here some accent in Mr. Łukaszenko Palace is an public exhibition "How I survived 2020" (that isn't joke)

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