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Default Re: Hybrid war on European eastern border

A new report from border from today/yesterday

Belarusian solders without "shame" shows on border that they are full armed with AK and also personal grenade launchers SWD etc. That is how they full armed escort migrant along BE-PL border and show that they are "prepared" just in case.

Here movie from yesterday Kuźnica Białostocka which showcase how tight are controlled migrants and their camp by their escorting soldiers.

Here short movie from Minsk where small child is prepared "teaches" how work with transparent probably before transport to BE-PL border

On this video captured moment when BE soldiers move women's and children's close to the border fence to prepare propaganda materials for their TV. We can heard some probably guarding dog barking and as someone down tweet translates children voice on movie. Child said "why... why..." BE solider said " behind you are polish soldiers don't cry"

Other photos of childern's used for propaganda pruposes

Here next short movie which shows how migrants are drove along the border fence to find weak spot during last night. Is really sad to watch how peoples are treated by BE soldiers.
Here thee same in border-crosing in Kuźnica today

And "warfare" goes on next level this night BE soldiers uses lasers to blind polish on their side so probably is now closer to real military incidents.

As here is reported

"Russian and Belarusian paratroopers landed near Hrodna near the Polish border for joint exercises, the Belarusian Defense Ministry reports. Russian jets will also be involved in the exercises. It is due to the “increasing military activity near the border"

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