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Old May 2nd, 2011, 11:26 AM
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Post Tigers And Horses, Oh My! May’s Shrapnel Games’ Specials!
Press Release Teaser: New Monthly Savings At The Gamers Front Now Available!   

Tigers And Horses, Oh My! May’s Shrapnel Games’ Specials!
New Monthly Savings At The Gamers Front Now Available!

Cary, NC, 02 May 2011

Hey, it’s the start of a new month so you know what that means! Two new special offers are now available at the Shrapnel Games’ online store, the Gamers Front. Representing two ends of the strategy spectrum, one game is sure to please those looking for an intense wargaming experience, while the other is perfect for anyone looking for a light, old fashioned classic game.

Up first is ProSIM’s Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War. Designed by Curt Pangracs, Raging Tiger is a hypothetical wargame set in the present day as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea finds itself in a regime change, thanks to South Korean and US forces crossing north across the DMZ.

The player, commanding Joint Task Force Iron, will embark on an epic struggle against the forces of tyranny in a story-based campaign designed for playability. Campaign scenarios can be played in any order desired (yes, that means you can go all “The Betrayal” from Seinfeld and play from the end to the beginning). No more worries about being forced to replay a scenario over and over again to advance. Too tough of a nut to crack? Push forward and try it again later.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War features all the good stuff that demanding wargamers want to see, meaning lots of shiny chrome. A multitude of weapon platforms, from HJ-8E ATs to M1922s, are available for you and your foe to wage war in one of the most rugged countrysides in the world. Locked AI units help immerse the player in a fully involved battlespace. Fight the good fight while other friendlies perform their own operations. And with North Korea having one of the largest assemblies of “special” forces in the world expect to encounter asymmetric warfare. Additionally, the player will have to deal with the issue of displaced persons, and much more.

Like all ProSIM titles Raging Tiger is played in “command-time” (aka “real-time”) play. Unlike other RTS games, real-time is used to accurately measure real world situations. How long it takes a unit to become underway, or the time on target for an artillery strike, and more. Learning how to take advantage of all of this, perfecting a synchronized strategy, is one of the most exciting aspects of a ProSIM title. Winning is not simply a matter of pointing and clicking while massing as much force as possible, but confronting the same problems commanders face in reality. Read the terrain (by the way, maps in Raging Tiger are based on digital elevation models, not abstractions), hit the enemy with properly timed assaults, and carry yourself to victory.

Besides the exciting single-player campaign multiplayer is fully supported, as is the ability to edit scenarios.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War is another fantastic title from ProSIM, makers of the very best in modern combat simulations for your desktop. Commercial grade application, defense industry standard inner workings.

For all of May Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War is available for only $34.95, either as a physical product or as a download. Available only for Windows.

For more details about the game please visit its product page:


The next game on special this month is Space HoRSE, a light economic strategy game for Windows, and perfect for multiplayer competition.

Space HoRSE is a game based on a classic in the gaming world, M.U.L.E., whose
gameplay elements are still as compelling today as there were almost thirty plus years ago.

In Space HoRSE up to four players compete against one another (and it should be noted that the game even supports hotseat play, something that has seem to have disappeared) in this exciting, non-violent (wait, come back!) economic strategy game. Buy low, sell high, and no, you’re not too big to fail so don’t expect any Federal handouts if you go bust. Over forty-five random events ensures that every game plays out unique, and with an average game taking less than a half hour to play, Space HoRSE can be played multiple times in a single evening.

GamerDad.com said of it: “It garners a hearty recommend to anyone who likes to replay old-style games, and is a pleasant quick diversion of a strategy game for those seeking non-violent multiplayer mayhem."

Gamespy remarked that "Gillissie (the designer of the game) effectively brings the soul of M.U.L.E. to a Windows world..."

Space HoRSE is a great game for anyone looking for a strategy game that doesn’t involve conflict, and one that is easily picked up and learned without taxing the old brain cells too much. It is currently on sale for only $24.95 (a savings of ten dollars!), and is available as a physical product or a download.

For more information please visit its product page:


Please go to our Monthly Special page at the Gamers Front to purchase these fine titles:


And for all your strategy needs, please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com, home of award-winning independent games since 1999. Recent releases include the blazing hot Bronze, THE puzzle-strategy game of the year, and World Supremacy, the modern conquer the world strategy game from the developer of the Space Empires franchise, Malfador Machinations.

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/forms/c...nel_games.html

To visit our company blog go to: forum.shrapnelgames.com/blog.php
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