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Old May 12th, 2022, 09:03 PM

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Default Turret crew and Fire Control

One of the aspects of WinSPWW2 that I've enjoyed is the renaissance of good 1940 scenarios between Germany and France. Original SP made these scenarios a cake walk due to morale/fire suppression.

With that issue fixed, I have found that on those occasions, in the new revised scenarios, where German and French armor have to face each other, that the French tanks end up being extremely formidable, to the point of eclipsing the similar experience in 1941 when the USSR was invaded.
The French superiority in armor is well represented now.

While I like that the French forces, esp on defense are no longer pushovers, their resilience and accuracy in return fire got me questioning how the turret crew factor influenced the game. The better French medium and heavy tanks were notable in many cases for having very small turrets that had a crew of 1......twice as bad as a turret crew of 2 such as in the early T-34/76A's. Yet, even with a lot of suppression fire generating hits and shrapnel hits leading to Buttoned status....the French tanks seem to retain a remarkable accuracy in hitting their adversaries....even when they are moving.

My question thus is....what impact does the turret crew numbers have on the game as represented by the variable of Fire Control primarily. In WINSPWW2 FC tends to mirror the crew # in the turret. exceptions go higher for tanks with more advanced controls.

While I don't want to hobble French tanks with 1-man turret crews with complete impotence, I wonder if they have a bit too much accuracy and targeting ability given the limitations of said 1 man turret crew.
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