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Old January 10th, 2006, 03:34 PM
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Default Upcoming v1.20 features

Hey all,

For anyone interested, here are the change notes for the upcoming v1.20 patch, which is currently in beta testing.

Changes in v1.20:
BUGFIX: Fixed several save issues where terrain types (portals, cities) would change types if you saved/loaded a campaign mission.
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where if you clicked on a unit as the target of an ability, then immediately tried to double-click on that unit to move it, the game would detect a double-click after your first click.
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue in Afflicted 1 where if you freed/converted an Archer, moved the Archer, and then used Undo, the unit would revert back to Evil's control.
BUGFIX: Maps in online games are now properly limited by player levels.
BUGFIX: Players could enter characters into the password field on the website that the game wouldn't allow them to enter. The password field will only accept valid characters now.
BUGFIX: Fixed a rare bug related to lobby challenge events.
BUGFIX: (Hopefully) fixed a rare crash that happened on the load screen for unknown reasons.
BALANCE: Afflicted 2 (Standard and Legendary) made a bit easier.
NEW FEATURE: Players with the v1.20 demo may now play online. All demo players are considered level 1 for purposes of allowing races/maps, regardless of how many games they play.
NEW FEATURE: A beep now sounds, and the window icon now flashes in the task bar when the player is online and the other play chats, logs in, logs out, or does an important action, but only if the LOL window is backgrounded or minimized.
NEW FEATURE: Players in the lobby can now see which players are in a game.
NEW FEATURE: An options button has been added to the lobby, allowing players to toggle full-screen/music/sound/etc while in lobby.
NEW FEATURE: Players can now right-click on an empty square to make units more transparent, allowing them to see terrain more clearly.
NEW FEATURE: Missions completed with the v1.20 demo will now be marked as completed in the full version of Land of Legends.
NEW FEATURE: The beep/flash also happens when playing against the AI, when the AI ends its turn, and only if the window is backgrounded/minimized.
CHANGE: The Save and Load buttons are now disabled for the demo when playing in Skirmish mode.
CHANGE: The Save feature is now disabled for the demo when playing in Campaign mode.
CHANGE: Various spelling and grammar errors were corrected.
CHANGE: Changed Exception Handler to prompt people to send errors to bugs@tinyhero.com (instead of scott@tinyhero.com.)
CHANGE: Updated the message shown when someone logs off of the game server to be less confusing.
CHANGE: Number pad is now supported, and always registers as a number keypress (whether or not numlock is on.)
NEW SKIRMISH/INTERNET MAP: Bullseye (Level 2 -- Inspired by a design by CombatWombat)
NEW SKIRMISH/INTERNET MAP: Holden's Pond (Level 3)

Tiny Hero Game Studios
Makers of "Land of Legends"
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