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Old January 8th, 2019, 05:43 PM

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Default *WIP* Campaign "Freyberg's Left Hook"

after a long hiatus, I am back. This campaign is a bit shorter than my previous ones, with only 4 scenarios. However, all scenarios are pretty big and I used the venhola site to get very accurate maps!

"Freyberg's Left Hook"

New Zealand Campaign

March 21st 1943 - March 27th 1943

After their defeat at El Alamein, German and Italian forces pulled back to the French colony of Tunisia, hoping to use the French "Mareth Line" to stop the allied advance. With American forces landing to their west and the British advancing from the east, their position had become desperate.
Still, there was some fight left in Rommel's soldiers and the position was strong. A plan was devised to assault the Mareth Line frontally, a risky prospect.

However, Montgomery had an ace up his sleeve:

In addition to the frontal attack, he had planned an outflanking maveuvre through the "Tebaga Gap" south of the Mareth Line. This gap between two mountain ranges would allow the British to get behind the defenses and potentially cut off the whole axis force by seizing the coastal town of Gabes astride the main highway. This would trap the Germans and Italians in a cauldron that would be difficult to escape.

The task for this outflanking movement was given to Lt.Gen. Freyberg and his 2nd New Zealand Division, reinforced by the tanks of 8th Armored Brigade and a regiment of armoured cars from 1st King's Dragoon Guards. Redesignated the "New Zealand Corps", this force had to make the complicated outflanking maneuvre and reach the Tebaga Gap in time to coincide with the main attack on the 20th of March. However, on the 19th of March the Axis spotted the New Zealand column...

In this campaign you will command the 6th New Zealand motorized infantry battalion, supported by artillery, mortars, pioneers and antitank guns.

Outside of your core force you will receive support from British armor, consisting of Sherman, Grant and Crusader tanks. It is possible to be more successful than the actual operation, unlocking a final "what-if" type mission.
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