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Old April 14th, 2021, 05:08 PM
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Disk Ukraine 2021(?)

So, in case you've missed it all, there's a HUGE military buildup going on in the Ukraine and on Russia's borders near Ukraine.

According to a Ukrainian journalist, a naval order has been issued by Russia banning ships from foreign countries in the Kerch Strait heading for the Sea of Azov from April 24 due to military exercises.


New: Current & former officials say there are no geographic restrictions on the deployment of the Javelin missiles Ukraine purchased from the U.S., and argue that Kyiv would be justified in moving the weapons to the frontlines amid Russia's buildup


Russian Minister of Defence Shoigu: "two armies and three VDV formations were deployed to the western borders of Russia to carry out combat training tasks as part of a combat readiness test." (RIA)


Ukraine's military intelligence (testimony to the parliament): Russia will complete its troop deployment at Ukraine's borders around 20 April, with up to 110 thousand troops.

For context: it's almost half of active personnel in Ukraine's entire Armed Forces


Signs are going up in the Russian camps that roughly translate to "Hard training makes the combat easy".


The 559th Fighter Bomber Aviation Regiment, equipped with SU-34 jets, has been deployed to the Black Sea region.


There's videos of everything being moved around -- there's an Ukrainian convoy near Mariupol on Youtube this morning with T-64B1Ms, BTR-3s, BTR-4 and MT-LB-ZU-23s in the convoy. People seem to think it's the Azov Regiment.

I know there's no scenario here (yet), but it's a placeholder thread. I'll try to have something, but I am juggling a lot of plates now.

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