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Old November 29th, 2006, 08:38 AM
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Default New Weird Worlds Upgrade/Patch For PC
Press Release Teaser: Save the Weird, Save the World!   

News Release For Immediate Release

Save the Weird, Save the World!
New Weird Worlds Upgrade/Patch Now Available For The PC!

Hampstead, NC, 29 November 2006

Recently we asked ten planet-destroying robotic death machines from beyond the very
walls of time and space what would stop their apocalyptic rampage across the galaxy.
Nine of the ten responded that a new upgrade to Digital Eel's Weird Worlds: Return to
Infinite Space, published by Shrapnel Games and available for both the PC and Mac,
would halt this world bursting orgy. The tenth demanded an American beer that didn't
taste like urine from a diseased camel. An upgrade to Weird Worlds? That we can help
with. A decent American beer? Ah well, the planet has had a good run...

While waiting for the imminent destruction of Earth be sure to enhance your Weird
Worlds: Return to Infinite Space enjoyment with the brand new version 1.2 upgrade!
Available for immediate download for the PC (a Mac upgrade will soon follow), the
version 1.2 upgrade will update any previous installation of Weird Worlds.

Like a leaky neutronium reactor the 1.2 upgrade is overflowing with glowing gaming
goodness (but won't leave you sterile and bald). Christmas comes early as fans of the
Weird can enjoy items such as:

* Brand spanking new main quest added with a new race! But what race could it be?
Intergalactic smurfs? Intelligent cheese? You'll have to download the upgrade to
find out!

* Thought the Urluquai kicked your arse before? Just wait until you do battle with their
newly added capital ship! It's so terrifying that every patch should come with a box
of Depends. Except you know, boxes can't be downloaded.

* New missile trails that will make you "ooh" and "ahh". It's the Fourth of July on
your computer, every day!

* According to the developers, and we quote, "big throbbing indicator when passing
time." Hmm. Umm. You know - nevermind...

But wait, there's more, much more! The version 1.2 upgrade not only adds new content,
it enhances previous content (for example, alien fleet settings have been tweaked), and of
course lays waste to pesky bugs. Some examples of the effects of the digital insecticide
include eliminating the crash that would occur when the spacebar was hit on "incoming
aliens", Esmerelda had a variety of spellings, previously unfriendly to multi-tasking, and
more! A complete listing of changes found in the upgrade can be found on the download

All this... the cool new features, the beserk planet destroyers laying off the annihilation,
the bug squashing... can be yours for the asking! Don't delay, act now and you too can
discover the brand new secrets that Infinite Space holds (could there possibly be a gorilla
at the end throwing barrels at you?)!

Download the version 1.2 upgrade for the PC version of Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite
Space (CD or Download Version) at:


Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is available for purchase as a download or a
physical product for both Windows and Mac OSX based computers. It's gotten rave
reviews, is loved by all, and helps the environment. So if you don't have a copy yet, you
should. Really. Remember, always do what a press release tells you.

For more information on Weird Worlds, or to browse our complete listing of intelligent,
engrossing, and just plain fun titles that you won't find on any store shelf, please visit us
at www.shrapnelgames.com.
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