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Old July 13th, 2015, 04:57 AM
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Post Refit Approaching Infinity With The New Version 1.2 Update!
Press Release Teaser: Expand Space With One Big Bang Of A Patch!   

Refit Approaching Infinity With The New Version 1.2 Update!
Expand Space With One Big Bang Of A Patch!

Wilmington, NC, 13 July 2015

My God, it's full of awesome.

Ibology and publisher Shrapnel Games are proud to announce the version 1.2 update patch for the hit sci-fi rogue-like game, Approaching Infinity. The patch is chock full of monolith worshipping monkey goodness, with fixes, changes, and many new additions, all meant to enhance an already superb game.

Many of the changes came directly from the feedback provided from the awesome player community. Other enhancements are the direct result of staring at the sun too long, giant space babies, weird dreams birthed from ancient underwater beings, and one too many Futurama binge watching marathons.

The version 1.2 patch includes such tasty tidbits as:
  • When an alien spaceship is destroyed there is now a possibility of a floating wreck left behind. A floating wreck that can be boarded and then looted! But beware, any survivors on board won't be too happy with the added insult, so remember, speak softly and carry a big honkin' ray gun.
  • Injured officers cannot join away missions until they are healed. Yes, even in space no one wants to deal with a worker's comp lawsuit.
  • If an officer manages to survive to level ten they get to level up any skill, regardless of whether that is intended or balanced.
  • There are now seventeen new effects for artifacts, suits, and skills. A whole lot of new art has been added, from new shipwreck walls to multiple victory images.
  • New skills such as Recon, Strike-Back, Field Craft, Scrounging, and Inspiration have been added.
  • As if space isn't dangerous enough, a new way to piss off your galactic neighbors has been added! Now, when you complete quests for an alien group their enemies will become enraged.
  • Line of sight has been clarified with a blue border added around the visible area and a red border has been added to show maximum weapons range.
  • Diseases get a little less deadly, with a chance that instead of death an ill officer will simply be badly hurt.
  • Two words: chainsaw suit. Is it a spacesuit made out of chainsaws? Or a suit with a built in chainsaw? Download the patch and find out!
  • And to use an overworked phrase, and much, much more. For full details on the massive number of changes found in the 1.2 update patch please check out its changelog.

The patch, for both PC and Mac versions, can be downloaded from the Approaching Infinity product page, located below. Saved games are completely compatible with this update, so refitting can be done in the middle of your current jaunt amongst the endless stars.


John Breeden II of Game Industry said of Approaching Infinity, "For those who love to explore, Approaching Infinity is quite a game... Beyond just being a lot of fun to play, the game is also quite fair. I've played many rogue-like games that just became too difficult to play, almost like the developers wanted or expected players to fail at some point. Approaching Infinity is cool because it slowly ramps up the difficulty, always allowing careful players to stay ahead of the game... If you are an explorer type of gamer, book your ticket to infinity now. I think you'll enjoy the journey."

TeamPlayer Gaming remarked that "...Approaching Infinity is a landmark for the genre, and well worth the investment."

Approaching Infinity is a single-player sci-fi turn based graphical rogue-like game set in an infinite universe with no level caps or map limits. The player begins with a starship, a captain, a few crew, and from there the universe is your sandbox. Approaching Infinity is a true galactic exploration game, where you (and admittedly, sometimes fate) will decide when your tale is over.

As the mysteries of the universe are revealed the player can upgrade their starship, better their crew, buy low and sell high on the galactic commodity market, craft new items, meet new aliens, board wrecks, explore planets, caves, ruined cities, and take on a multitude of quests. And while the game is rogue-like in the sense of content totally procedurally generated, it is a player friendly rogue-like, allowing permadeath to be optional.

Additionally, beyond packing thousands and thousands of hours of gameplay into the standard version of Approaching Infinity players can freely mod practically everything in the game. That's right, your dreams of combining the universes of My Little Pony with Emperor of the Fading Suns can finally be achieved!

For more information on Approaching Infinity, including the month-long special price, be sure to visit the product page at the link we gave you to download the patch. And check out Shrapnel Games' full catalog at www.shrapnelgames.com for our complete selection of eclectic gaming goodness, online since 1999. From the tactical wargaming of WinSPWW2 and WinSPMBT to the casual strategy of Bronze and Air Command 3.0, our library speaks to the discerning gamer.
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Old September 28th, 2015, 06:40 PM

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Default Re: Refit Approaching Infinity With The New Version 1.2 Update!

Hi Tim,

Where can I find the changelog?. I cannot find it. Is it within the game files?.
Thanks in advance.
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Old September 30th, 2015, 10:49 PM
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Default Re: Refit Approaching Infinity With The New Version 1.2 Update!

Go to the product page (http://www.shrapnelgames.com/Ibology/AI/AI_page.html) under downloads: View Patch History.
Tim Brooks
Shrapnel Games
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