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Old December 22nd, 2005, 10:16 AM
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Default Weird Worlds Patched!

News Release For Immediate Release

Version 1.1 Weird Worlds Patch Beamed Up!
Patch Now Available For Critically Acclaimed Weird Worlds!

Hampstead, NC, 22 December 2005

Fellow Earthicans, Digital Eel and Shrapnel Games would like to announce the release of
the official Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space patch. The patch brings the retail
version of the game to version 1.1, and includes both brand spanking new game
enhancements, and an assortment of bug smashing. Here's a partial listing of what fans
can expect when the patch is applied:

* NEW! Scoring based on the difficulty level.

* NEW! Enemies without guns now flee like the cowardly sporgborks they are!

* NEW! Various command line and in-game options have been added.

* NEW! Lots of cool new things for mod-makers.

* (Fixed) Hitting F1 in combat twice kept the game paused.

* (Fixed) Fighters can be rammed.

* (Fixed) Lifeforms can now be found on frozen planets.

* (Fixed) Mod banners not falling back to default folder.

* .and much more!

A complete listing of the changes found in the version 1.1 patch can be found on the
download page, which is located here:


Simply download the file and run the executable! It's quick and easy, and your game
will thank you for it.

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is the sequel to Strange Adventures in Infinite
Space, which was possibly the first game to bring all the thrill of an epic space saga to
your desktop in under twenty minutes. Weird Worlds of course delivers the same
grandiose gameplay as its predecessor, and it still only takes about twenty minutes to play
(though now players can choose to shorten or lengthen the time), but now space is so
crammed with new things you'll understand why it has to be infinite to fit it all in!

New encounters, new lifeforms, new technologies, new starships, new events, and a
whole warpcore load more can be found in Weird Worlds. Combat, while still avoiding
the number-crunching intensity of Star Fleet Battles, is deeper, and is an amazing
spectacle to behold. Heck, the whole game is an amazing spectacle to behold, but don't
take the word of your friendly neighborhood PR person (trustworthy and handsome he
may be), check out some of the accolades Weird Worlds has recently received.

Game Industry News (www.gameindustry.com) rated it 4.5/5 and had this to say:

".WWRIF makes a perfect gift for just about anyone who likes space and science
fiction, even if they are not a hardcore gamer. Anyone can appreciate the literary humor
found in the game. And the simple gameplay is easy to learn and difficult to master, like
any great title."

And Game Tunnel (www.gametunnel.com) not only awarded Weird Worlds an Editor's
Choice award, but they also chose Weird Worlds to be Game of the Month.and they
didn't stop there! Weird Worlds was recently chosen by Game Tunnel as the 2005
Quest/Adventure/Platform Game of the Year! Here's what they said about it:

"As the coolest trip across the galaxy in the history of games Weird Worlds: Return to
Infinite Space is a sure-fire hit that should be in every gamer's library. It was a run-away
winner of our Adventure/Quest game of the year for 2005."

Let's also not forget that Weird Worlds is a finalist in the 2006 Independent Games
Festival (www.igf.com/) in two categories, the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and
Innovation in Audio. Winners will be announced in March, but really, how could the
genius that is Weird Worlds not come out on top?

For more information Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, or any of our other
amazing line-up of titles, please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com
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