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Old May 13th, 2013, 05:58 PM

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Default Re: Payback - Vet & intermediate - EA - Running

Originally Posted by Num View Post
I am ready to end the game if you want to. I knew at first turn I have no chance to win with experienced players. I lack experience in lategame, I lack experience in general. I can beat a weaker nation in a weaker position like I did versus Pangaea, I cannot defend myself efficiently against a good nation managed by a good player in a dominant position.
Are you calling me weak? You were attacking me 2 on 1.

And if we all attacked Fomoria we could have won. But you purposely let him win by attacking me.
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Old May 14th, 2013, 02:26 AM

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Default Re: Payback - Vet & intermediate - EA Fomoria - Keithz Winner !

Please do not be so touchy Ghoul, I meant Pangaea is a weak nation compared to Vanheim, not that that you are a terrible player (you are a terrible diplomat though). Free chaff and good battlemages seem not very powerful if you compare to recruitable thugs, glamour, forge bonus, etc. That is only my opinion.

And if you wished a strong combined alliance against KeithZ, then you should have build it. I did not see any move in that direction, from anybody, including you, it is not only my fault (but the other players are not complaining). In additition, I have mentioned when I joined that I am not a very experienced player.

I believe KeithZ has well played from the beginning to the end. Everything he did was smart, and he deserve victory without any doubt or discussion. Felicitations.

From my point of view, the game was nice. I like the pace of one turn a day (not easy everytime, but tension is that way part of the game), I only play 2 games at the same time. I like Vanheim, this is the second time I play this nation, and I have learned a lot, particularly regarding blood economy and spells.
I was lucky enough to find a Construction 20 magic site at the very beginning, it could have been great if I managed to get the Sage recruiting spot next, but I missed it, Ossa was quicker. So research was hard (Drain 2), and the Construction 8 run was lost soon.
I regret of course not having attacked Fomoria sooner with Pangaea and Helheim, it was a bad move (but logical to me), as I already explained before.
I just helped Bullock in the war against Caelum, I have only killed some eagle kings in his territories, I did not have any major role at this time. And I had good diplo impressions with almost everybody.
So I had plenty of time to build a good position with many thugs and a strong blood economy, but I wasted too much slaves in many tries, empowerment and bad moves. So beating Pangaea was not complicated (to Ghoul, Bullock joined later this war), I had everything I needed to counter the Ettins, Treants, sacred centaurs, charm spam and the tons of maenads.
Then I saw Fomoria was crushing absolutely everything on his way, I understood the end was coming fast, as I did not known what I could do to deal with the Fomorian Kings (kind of improved Vanjarls) and the formidable Fomorian empire...

See you in another game.
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