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Old February 20th, 2021, 08:23 AM
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Exclamation Re: Issues with scn 19 Goch-Calcar Road

I would draw attention to the scenario write up which gives BIG clues to why it is set up the way it is


After fighting through the Reichswald, the Canadian First Army advanced on Goch and Calcar as part of its bid to reach the Rhine River. The 4th Brigade of the Canadian 2nd Division was given the task of cutting the Goch-Calcar Road. This was accomplished on 19 February by the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry and the Essex Scottish Regiments. This Canadian advance could not be tolerated by the Germans since it cut off a major supply route to German forces further north. Accordingly, the XLVII Panzer Korps counterattacked on the night of 19-20 February with the objective of recapturing the Goch-Calcar Road. After a harrowing night of fighting between the tough Canadians and the seasoned Panzertruppen of the Panzer Lehr and 116. Panzer Divisions, the road remained under Canadian control.*
Your mission is throw the Canadians back and recapture the road between Goch and Kalkar. You have at your disposal 40-odd tanks of the XLVII Panzer Korps and six companies of veteran Panzergrenadiere. You also have a few of the very rare "Uhu" Panthers equipped with top-secret night vision sights. Use them well!*
Canadian resistance will be strong. They are veteran troops who overran one of our Fallschirmjaeger battalions in their initial attack. You will face at least two battalions of Canadian infantry.*
Is that clear enough as to why this is set up as an assault where the "defenders" are set to advance ??

It's a German counter-attack on advancing Canadians which is why there are no defences and both sides are moving toward one another which is very creative use of the game system.

For more clarity should anyone else play this down the road I will change

Battle Type: German Assault vs Canadian Defend*


Battle Type: German night Counter-Attack on a Canadian Advance.*

FUTHER.... I did discover a problem with this scenario that will be corrected when we release the next update. The German HQ, two trucks and a HT start the game on a grey border hex which means they are removed at start up. Now corrected but anyone can do that now with the in game editor. Simply load it in the editor and find the grey hex units and move them onto the actual map area then save the scenario in slot 19

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