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Old September 13th, 2021, 04:47 AM

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Default Commonwealth CS thanks and smoke

I noticed that the British early CS tanks have had their smoke shells replaced with HE.

This is a critically important alteration because one of the main reasons British armour did so poorly against the Germans early in the war was precisely because their tanks had no HE ammunition to engage German AT with. In game this difficulty has been removed by replacing all the smoke shells with HE. Where's the fun in that?

Wpn 067 "3.7in Howitzer"
Fired both smoke and HE rounds but early in the war mostly/only smoke shells were loaded into the tanks that carried this weapon, units 134 'A9 CS', 135 'A10 CS' and 136 'A13 CS'

Brown's Book 'British cruiser tanks A9 & A10' gives loadout of 50 shells for these CS vehicles. However, Jentz in his book 'Tank combat in North Africa' gives the loadout for these two tanks as 36 smoke 4 HE. 40 is the official 'standard' loadout. The important thing to note here is whatever the total number of rounds carried was, only a handful, or none (depending on reference) were ever HE, which can be verified at any number of sources.
"A HE shell was also produced, but was in short supply in North Africa. When 3 RTR went to Calais in May 1940, they got there only to find that the HE shells, for their A9 CS tanks, had been left on the dockside in the UK"

Wpn 035 "3in CSH"
When weapon 035 appears in unit 029 "Matilda II-CS" the same smokey doctrine existed as for the 3.7 Howitzer, and this tank should have the same tiny HE loadout or none.
In his book 'British Battle Tanks' Fletcher comments "but this weapon (Matilda CS) was only required to fire smoke rounds as cover for the gun tanks so it could hardly be regarded as a major adjunct to the assault" which is exactly the opposite to what the game has with the vehicle having 38 HE.

The proportion of HE in CS tanks had increased by the time crusaders appeared. According to Knight 'A15 Cruiser Mk VI Crusader tank a technical history', late 3" CS tank ammunition (unit 009 Crusader I-CS and 011 Crusader II-CS) loadout became 2 smoke for every 1 HE. Later in the book knight gives 3" crusaders loadout as 25 HE, 40 smoke. Game has 40 HE, should be 40 smoke and 20-25 HE. See also
which gives 63 3" shells for crusaders.

Besides the extra HE the game also gives the 3" Howitzer nonexistent AP ammunition. 3" howitzer doesn't have an AP shell. UK units that have been mistakenly given 3" AP are 009, 011, 029, 033, 150, 171, 599, 663, 740, 850, 993 and 994. Playing these peculiar UK formations with their historically correct ammunition configuration presents an interesting challenge most players can't take as they are unaware of true historic loadout.

Gives UK unit 850 'Staghound MkII' 44 shells game has 40.
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