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Old December 22nd, 2008, 09:00 PM

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Default War Plan Pacific - first few games

Replay/ Review

Received the game a few days ago and have played through 4 times (As Japan each time). The first three games, I was womping the allies and sinking tons of shipping and conquering lots (as you might expect), but I ran afoul of the oil limit each time. On the fourth try I was able to conquer the Singapore, Java, and Borneo and get them all functional. Soon I had a massive supply of oil in reserve.

Meanwhile, the allies kept attacking Singapore with almost everything they had. Many big sea and air battles were fought there resulting in devastating losses for the allies:

By June 1942, I had lost 1 Lt. Carrier, 4 Cruisers and 5 Lt. Cruisers, and the allies ahad lost:
6 Carriers
13 Battleships
1 BattleCruiser
19 Cruisers
23 Lt. Cruisers

I had also conquered:
the Aleutians

Having secured my oil supply and dealt the allies a crushing defeat, I had the run of the Pacific. I therefore decided to drive southeast and cut off Australia (and go for the win before the Americans could re-build their fleet).

I conquered all 3 of the required island groups and Palmyra for a shield (so I could sortie there and defeat any attempts at reconquest and relief). At this point a problem occurred. (a bug I assume). The countdown that I expected didn't start. The button didn't turn orange and it didn't change from saying that the line of communication was open. This was somewhat annoying, but I decided to keep going to see if I could win a different way.

I pummeled Hawaii but then noticed that a carrier fleet was building in Ceylon. When I examined it, there was an American carrier there (must have come from the Atlantic because there was no open route there through the Pacific (is this possible?).

The war raged on with the Americans rebuilding their fleet and starting to reconquer some island groups as expected. Luckily I was able to keep my forces somewhat concentrated (2 main carrier fleets usually), and continued to make them pay in big air/fleet battles. By June of 1944, they had made little real progress (re-taking the Aleutians, Kwajalein, and Palmyra), and their naval losses crippled them.

Japanese losses were:
1 CV
5 CA
6 CL

American Losses were:
15 CV
25 BB
2 BC
25 CA
30 CL

I eventually won the war in later 1944.

Overall it was a crushing victory.

I like the game quite a bit. The combat sequences are truly awesome, and the heart of the game. It's an edge of the seat experience every time (even when you're way ahead, as you don't want your air crews to suffer losses.)

The strategic imperatives for the campaign are just right. The Japanese are placed on the horns of a dilemma as they must try to simultaneously secure their oil reserves (SW), secure the Aleutians and Midway to prevent the Americans from raiding the home islands (E), and attempt to interdict the line of communication between the Americans and Australia (SE) to win an early victory before the Americans can construct an overwhelming force. Then they must hold on against assaults from every direction and outguess the Americans as to where they will strike next.

The graphics are quite good for a game like this, and the sound is appropriate and evocative of the era.


There are several significant problems that exist in this, the first published version of the game. While I understand that these will likely be patched, it is still quite annoying that the game is essentially broken as I am trying to play it for the first time.

1) The major bug with the Australian line of Communication as mentioned above.

2) Luzon never repaired despite receiving several supply convoys

3) The Prince of Wales was impossible to sink in the Singapore harbor. Despite taking almost 100 bomb and torpoedo hits after reaching a sliver of green, it didn't sink, and thus caused 2 successive invasions to fail. It finally sank on the third invasion.

4) Often the attack of a second and/ or third CAP fighter group would result in 0 casualties, regardless of the size of the group. (example was 124 CAP fighters vs. 30 bombers = 0 kills...and then the 30 bombers bombed my ships!) Not sure if this was intentional, but it was annoying and improbable.

5) The enemy would postpone an invasion when I guessed right and had a large interception force waiting for them. Not only did the invasion fleet get clean away with no casualties, but the program placed all of my fighters in the strike box and yet allowed their entire fighter force (on the fleeing carriers) to shoot down my land-based bombers (now with no escorts). Ugh!

6) My last comment isn't a bug, but rather a comment about quality. For $60, I expect to receive a real printed manual, not a stapled photocopy. C'mon guys. I know all about the costs of printing small runs, but really...the customers who show up for your first run at least deserve this quality.

Despite all these glitches and annoyances, this is a fabulous game and once patched will be the standard for fast-play strategic gaming of the war in the Pacific.
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Old January 1st, 2009, 07:08 PM

Skanvak Skanvak is offline
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Default Re: War Plan Pacific - first few games

1/ you need a functionnal base to start the count down

2/ you need to have a combat ship patrolling the area for the convoy to supply the base, the convoy alone does nothing.
Best Regards

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Old January 1st, 2009, 07:42 PM

AlanBernardo AlanBernardo is offline
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Default Re: War Plan Pacific - first few games

Overall it was a crushing victory.[/quote]

All this seems hard to believe. But if it happened as you say, either you are a very good player or the Allied AI is not very good.

I'm still playing my first game, and going rather slowly, trying to figure things out. And though I have stabilized the oil situation, as the Japanese the battle report shows, things as being pretty even. I've lost more ships than the Allies.

One thing I haven't done at all is just go and try and invade every Allied base I can. I'm trying to move more methodically, building up my jumping-off bases to major status until I decide to invade.

Of course I'm only six or so months into the game.

Twice the Allies have attacked the Home Islands, once forcing the patrol rule.

Seems to me that from your description the Allies hardly attacked, and if they did, the attacks were unwise.

I have not witnessed the same in my game, though again, I'm still early in the contest.

Maybe you should run an online game with some experienced player, to see how you fare, with each taking the other side.

From your description I don't think you'd want me as an opponent. I'm really not all that good in these types of games, and maybe that's why I keep playing them.

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Old January 1st, 2009, 09:44 PM

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Default Re: War Plan Pacific - first few games

Originally Posted by gdrover View Post
For $60, I expect to receive a real printed manual, not a stapled photocopy.
KE already explained the manual decision.

What's with the $60? I paid $36.
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