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Old December 5th, 2010, 07:50 PM
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Default WS "Intermediate" Mod

Intermediate_ACS Mod

The first "Standard" version is a fun Beer and Pretzels Game which was the developers stated goal, and it works well in that role. I’m just tweaking what they did to make it a bit more Grognard friendly.

If you used the standard configuration unzip the file in the following path
C:\Program Files\Shrapnel Games\Malfador Machinations\World Supremacy\GameTypes.

IMPORTANT, I noted my Zip file when it extracted had an extra folder in the path WS_Intermediate_ACS. If this folder is in the path please eliminate it so the path ends at the “GameTypes” Folder. I tried to correct this but WinZip just didn’t want to cooperate with me.

Otherwise the unzipped folder needs to be placed as a subfolder to the Game Types folder, do not overwrite the data in the “Standard Folder” or you will mess up the base game.

When opening the game you need to change the Game Type to “Intermediate_ACS” and then choose your options as normal.

Changes I made (that I can remember, I have a wife and two small children so getting any time to record changes is impossible, the four year old is screaming as I write!)

1. The cost of higher technology increase with increasing complexity. Let’s face it, even allowing for inflation, the cost per unit of an M4 is lower than an M60A5 which is lower then an M1A2. I make the mod reflect that cost. Why buy a level I tank when a Level III costs the same, now you have a reason its cheaper. You get more less capable units. I think the Soviets had a theory about this worked in WWII failed in the Cold War.
2. AAA/SAM units are available from the beginning of the game. Lets face it we have Jets and Bomber but no AAA capability?
3. With increasing technology comes greater benefits, transport can move further with each level, the damage modifier now increases with each level for many units. Some units have increased range in the tactical battlefield with each level.
4. In general the costs of units have been increased. Let’s face it a Nuclear Carrier, Stealth Bomber, City, and Fabrication Plant generally represent a huge percentage of the defense budget/GDP.
5. Rocket Artillery now travel two nations with the other mechanized forces. They can still engage aircraft on the tactical battlefield but at greatly reduced capabilities. Lets face it they likely have some AAA capability attached.
6. SAMs can not attack land units.
7. Truck AAA can engage land units but at reduced capability. An M163 or ZSU23-4 can attack a land unit.
8. Bomber have reduced firing range on the tactical battlefield with lower technologies.
9. NUKEs in general can travel further with greater tech with the Level III being ICBMs able to hit the entire board. That said you will pay for them. It’s not just the cost of the missile but the entire nuclear infrastructure.
10. SSBNs missiles travel further with increasing tech levels.

I’m sure there are things you will see that might be changed, that’s good I’d love to hear suggestions. So far I’ve tinkered with starting technology, Tactical Units Strength, Range, and Combat Modifier, and the cost/range of Strategic units. Any suggestions, with reason, along those lines and we might be able to tweak this further.
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Old December 5th, 2010, 07:56 PM
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Default Re: WS "Intermediate" Mod

Just want to be sure when all is said and done the path to the text files that drive the mod should be...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Shrapnel Games\Malfador Machinations\World Supremacy\GameTypes\Intermediate_ACS\data
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