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Old September 25th, 2012, 05:27 PM

clomaka clomaka is offline
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Default what's the 'DISP' command?

I'm tracking down stuff and noticed that some mods (I'm looking at you, Babylon 5 mod) use the DISP command:

ACTN popup break
GFXP items/l_dust.tga
TITL Dust Trafficing
TEXT You have been warned...
ENMY earthalliance

I can't find any reference to what it does, and things work just as well without it (i think). It's worked it's way into my mod, probably just from copy-pasting quest bits, but I was hoping to verify what it does/doesn't do before wholesale removing it.
Old October 29th, 2012, 10:56 AM

sgqwonkian sgqwonkian is offline
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Default Re: what's the 'DISP' command?

That forces the game to display your text in it's own window, instead of using the planet exploration window. On a planet-based quest, that's irrelevant, but IIRC, it can matter when a quest triggers at times other than planet exploration.

Relevant quote from Fingers at Infinite Space Federation (and mirrored at http://weirdworldsmods.wikidot.com)
The PAGE block is indeed an "event". It usually has a page of text with an image, but if the ACTN line doesn't include "popup" then nothing will be displayed. Note that if the page is triggered by an exploration event, it will be displayed in the exploration window (the one with the planet). This can be overridden with the "DISP 1" command as seen in the victory message. This causes the page to be displayed in its own pop-up window.
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