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Old June 11th, 2006, 03:37 AM

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Default PDT system in starfury.

I was thinking that rather then the current system for point defense in starfury thats too much like SEIV with turrets that shoot a couple high powered shots towards the incoming missile/fighter, since starfury should beable to support high ROF weapons then wouldent it be better to have the PDT's have low damage but really high rate of fire. It seems to me this would be more balanced if done properly (would have to be tested to find right ROF and damage) rather then the do or die system that starfury PDT's are now where at certain angles the PDT's always hit and are very effective making it hard to hit with torpedos/missiles or at other angles they always miss getting you pummled with shots. If balanced properly missles could still get through if the PDT's dont do enough damage to destroy them but you wouldent get overwhelmed so easily because all the PDT shots missed.

What im suggesting is just what is used on navel vessels today, chainguns unload massive bullets to shred incoming missles. Just makes more sense to me.

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