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Old August 18th, 2010, 01:02 AM

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Default SF Expanded Universe Skirmishes Mod Ver 1.0 Available for Download

I have completed the SF Expanded Universe Skirmishes Mod ver 1.0

It is too large to upload it to this site so I have put it on my filefront site at http://www.filefront.com/17211762/SF Expanded Universe Skirmishes Mod ver 1.rar or you can go to http://www.filefront.com/user/rstaats10 to select it from there.

Go head to head in combat against enemy ship(s) from the Starfury, Starblazers, and Stargate Universes. Also included is a couple of ships to battle from Bablylon 5. I wish to give special thanks to Campeador and Mike for the Starblazers ships! In total there are 90 different ships to fight and puchase and 274 different skirmish battles to choose from. You can purchase ships with credits earned from any of the 3 ship dealers (Fighter/Frigate/Destroyer Ships, Cruiser/Battlecruiser Ships, and Battleship/Carrier/Capital Ships). The skirmishes (missions) can be performed from any of the 4 sites in any order. Enjoy the Mod! (read the expanded info after launching the mod)

This skirmish mod follows an almost "arcade-style" of play. Through your successes in battle, you will earn credits and experience to help pay to upgrade or puchase a new ship from one of the 3 different ship dealers. There is no story-line to this mod, just battles. You can choose between 1 to 3 jobs at at time for battles in the only system; the Terran System. There are a total of 274 different skirmishes (missions) in this mod. 101 Starfury Skirmishes, 37 Starblazers Skirmishes, 71 Stargate Skirmishes, and 65 Mixed Universe & MISC Skirmishes. The skirmishes are all combat in nature; kill the target ship, clear system of all enemy ships, and escort a friendy-ship safely, and protect a starbase. There are also varying levels of diffuclty in the skirmish sites to choose from. After completing a job you will earn credits and experience based upon the difficulty of the job. You may choose any job at any time. However be warned, there is a credit penatly for not completing a job.

After completing 3 skimishes in the same site you will receive a bonus of fighters/support ships, repair components, and credits. Every 3 skirmishes completed in the same site will net you the bonuses mentioned. The skirmishes (missions) can be perfomed from any of the 4 sites in any order. (But you will need to complete 3 from the same site to get the bonuses) The 4 sites are the Starfuy Skirmishes, Starblazers Skirmishes, Stargate Skirmishes, and Mixed Universe & MISC Skirmishes. You can have the skirmish sites all reset to the original skirmishes by entering the Moon's site. Also by entering the Moon's site and then the spacedock, it will reset the Earth's spacedock components. (WARNING BY ENTERING THE MOON'S SPACEDOCK IT WILL ALSO RESET ALL THE EARTH'S SKIRMISH SITES BACK TO THE ORIGINAL). The 4 Stargates (warp points) are there only to take you to the other side of the system quickly. There is only the Terran system...no other system.

Some tips to remember. Earth is your friend, repair as often as you like but just remember there is a time-limit to the jobs. Gather the components from enemy ships you've killed to either use on your ship or to sell at the spaceport for credits. The Mercenary ships and other support ships will prove to be most valuable in the more challenging skirmishes. If your merc/support ship is damaged badly, just recall it like you would a fighter to heal it up then release it back into battle. Also, I did not change the race allies from the Starfury stock game and the Starblazers, and Stargate Universes so you can use that to your advantage to select multiple jobs and maybe the enemies will help destroy each other? The race allies for the Terran are the Abbidon. The Xiati, Fazrah, and Amonkrie are all allies. In the Stargate Universe the SGC, Asgard, and Ancients are all allies. Everyone else is hostile. Your ship (the player's is hostile to every ship/race except for the escort protect skirmishes) Just remember though, you do have to complete the jobs you select or you lose credits. There is no story-line or travelling through systems, just plain and fun combat. Enjoy!

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