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Old December 29th, 2006, 04:18 PM

oli_chose123 oli_chose123 is offline
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Default Planet Types and Atmospheres Knowledge Base

i've been trying to add new planet types and atmospheres to the games for days now. The first thing to do was to modify the atmospheretypes.txt and planetphysicaltypes.txt.

I also edited the systemtypes.txt to include those planets.

I found the file StellarOnjectTypes.txt and saw it was linked to the planet types, but didn't see any reference to that file in any other mentionned above.

There must be a reference somewhere as I don'T get who it works. Waht the use of naming a type of planet Planet Ven 0009 Large if no line in systemtypes ask for that name? Unless the name isn'T important and is just to help the modder find his way around. Note that the name is the same as the XFile Class Name.

I'm now doing a lot of cut'n'paste as you have to make every texture possibility with every planet type and every atmosphere types...

For 10 new atmospheres and 7 new planet types, only for tiny and small, I've added 2645 lines...

Here is an exemple:
Stellar Object Name := Planet 3RJ5 Small
Physical Type := Planet
XFile Class Name := Planet 3RJ5 Small
Maximum Model Size := 10.0
Hex Size := 1
Picture Index := 609
Portrait Filename := planet_ven_0023_small.bmp
Large Portrait Filename := planet_ven_0023_small_lp.jpg
Description :=
Planet Size := Small
Planet Physical Type := Rock - Jungle
Planet Atmosphere := CO2 - Methane
Planet Gravity := Formula Planet Gravity
Planet Temperature := Formula Planet Temperature
Planet Radiation := Formula Planet Radiation
Planet Surface Empty := PlanetSurface_Rock_Methane_Empty.bmp
Planet Surface Colonized := PlanetSurface_Rock_Methane_Colonized.bmp

I think it would have been simpler for modders if we were able to enter possibilities in place of all types.

This is all the info I have right now on how to add new planets. IF anyone have others or want to correct me, please do, as I also need some more info...
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Old December 30th, 2006, 09:40 PM

oli_chose123 oli_chose123 is offline
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Default Re: Planet Types and Atmospheres Knowledge Base

I've lost a lot of time copying and pasting all that garbage but I've found a better way. I made a little program that'll generate everything needed.

The only problem is I can't test my mod without also modifying the XFilesstellar, and since I added a lot of new types and atmospheres, it's taking a lot of time...

For the sake of simplicity, I'll have to copy the picture folder and rename all planet textures to something simpler in order for my program to work...

I might release it if I make a friendlier version...

The last thing I don'T know the anwser about is what'll happen if I take out of the game the rock, ice and gas giant planet types... Will the ai be screwed??

That'S a lot of trial and error, and I might even have to start all over...

please, I'm asking again... If any of you already implemented planets in the game, could you post so info on how you did it?
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Old March 29th, 2007, 08:13 PM

Docwho Docwho is offline
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Default Re: Planet Types and Atmospheres Knowledge Base

I made new planet types such as Organic and Crystalline. But I was lazy and did not make pics for them. Simply just copy and renamed them. Both in the Picture folder and inside the StellarObjectTypes.txt. Also add the PlanetPhysicalTypes.txt the planet typs and what tech was needed to Colonization them. Which by the way last time I looked was only 5 that are the most you can have with out need to make it 2 types. Which could be fun if you want to work that hard.

Also add the types to the SystemTypes.txt so they had a chants to be made. So it is a lot of editing in 3 main files. That gets the planets in the system I don't know if the AI know how to use the new tech to play on these planets. Most likly they are not playing with them.

Also I have not figure out how to add the sphere version yet to the game. Also not tested and seen if the creation of the sphere world would gerearate a bug due to not having the such a picture or stellarobject defined.
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