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Old May 3rd, 2007, 10:35 AM
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Default Update To Version 3.08 Of Dominions 3 Today!
Press Release Teaser: Brand New Crunchy Patch Available For Download!   

News Release For Immediate Release

Brand New Crunchy Patch Available For Download!

Hampstead, NC, 03 May 2007

Ladies, gentlemen, and fell creatures from beyond the plateau of Leng, Illwinter Game
Design and Shrapnel Games would like to call your attention to a shiny new patch for
Dominions 3: The Awakening. The patch brings the sheer delicious awesomeness of
Dominions 3 to version 3.08 and includes two new nations, some new mod commands,
and a witch's brew of bug obliteration.

So, what does version 3.08 hold in store for you? Gaze into the scrying pond and see for

New Nations!
* Tir na n'Og - Land of the Ever Young
* Eriu - Last of the Tuatha

Mod Squad!
* New mod commands: #spreaddom, #nobadevents, #incunrest.
* Enforce some rules for #itemslots modding to prevent weird bugs in mods.
* #siegebonus didn't work (Fixed)
* #copyspell didn't work (Fixed)

Bug and Balance Fixes!
* Dragonflies' strength changed from 0 to 1 and they can now inflict damage.
* Burden of Time caused severe damage to diseased non-old people (Fixed)
* LA Atlantis could not continue fort construction (Fixed)
* (Fixed) Cave battlegrounds.
* Mod that modified a monster's magic skills could lock up the game (Fixed)
* #defaultmapzoom saved when editing maps.
* (Fixed) Cave symbol that disappeared in version 3.06.
* Some Tuatha and sidhe stat fixes.
* Some sidhe magic skill fixes.
* A few description fixes.
* Light weight scale mail increased res cost.
* Svartalf home only
* Can use monthly cast multiple site search spells of the same type.
* Some monsters were not always unparalyzed properly (Fixed)
* Ritual of Rebirth didn't work with 15 size Hall of Fame (Fixed)
* Wild Hunt and some more spells were buggy when attacking besieging armies (Fixed)
* Magic site fixes, armor fixes, age fixes, hero fixes, unit fixes.
* Y could be used to find undiscovered castles (Fixed)
* No looming devils underwater.
* Summon barghest and black dogs switched
* Province defense overflow fix
* Esc works when right side menu is hidden
* H-shortcut didn't work (Fixed)
* Marverni and me Man temples cost 200
* Mind hunt could crash the game. (Fixed)
* N?got gick fel: No space left on bg - bug fix (Fixed)
* Mirror image (and glamour) does not protect units from missiles or magic.
* Blade wind reduced # o e
* Flaming arrows increased path lvl.
* Sloth scale -> 15% / step
* Kala-Mukha warrior and Palankasha increased cost.
* Ulm EA archers not stealthy.

Enhance your Dominions 3 gameplay right now! Download the version 3.08 patch here:


Dominions 3: The Awakening is the multi-award winning, critically acclaimed, fan loved,
epic fantasy strategy game available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. In
a world of cookie-cutter real time "strategy" games and twitch-based multiplayer gaming,
Dominions 3 shows why turn-based is still alive and well, and that multiplayer gaming
doesn't mean needing the reflexes of an ADD spider monkey on crystal meth.

If you have not yet experienced Dominions 3: The Awakening (Computer Games
Magazine - Best of 2006, Cyberstratege - Strategy Game of 2006, Yahoo! Games - 4/5,
Gamespot - 8.7) download the demo (available on the same page as the version 3.08
update) and see what you've been missing! The full game ships with a 300+ spiral bound
manual, perfect for not only comprehensively explaining the game, but also for killing
rabid garden gnomes.

To check out the complete line of Shrapnel Games' products, from computer to upcoming
boardgames, please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com. You'll feel good that you did.
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