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Old November 12th, 2007, 03:20 AM
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Default FQM 5.00 Beta 12 Released

FQM 5.00 Beta 12 has been released. This release features lots of changes to stellar abilities, fancy new blackbody black holes, and organic infestation systems. Make sure to upgrade to the latest Multimedia Pack!

Version History:
1. Changed - Tweaked system counts of Old and Ancient quadrants.
2. Added - Dying quadrant type, with even more dead or dying stellar phenomena than Ancient quadrants.
3. Added - There are now 5 types of Asteroid Belt system.
4. Changed - Standard, Binary and Trinary systems now have between 1 and 3 storms. Quaternary and Quintuple systems have between 2 and 4 storms.
5. Added - Ringed planet textures now match other planets. Requires an update to your Multimedia Pack installation.
6. Added - Organic Infestation systems, with textures based on the SE4 infestation system. Venus fly trap image formated for SE5 by David Gervais.
7. Changed - Black hole accretion disks are now colored according to blackbody temperature calculations. The effect is vaguely similar to the swirling warp points. They also have animated radiation jets. Wizardry courtesy of Suicide Junkie.
8. Changed - Made text of Sight Obscuration abilities in StellarObjectTypes.txt more clear. Reduced cloak level from 16 to 10.
9. Removed - Stars can no longer have the pointless "Star - Unstable" ability.
10. Added - Stars can now have system-wide effects.
11. Fixed - As per the upcoming SE5 patch, the two missing Unique Ruins techs (Power Leech and Shield Implosion) are now placed on planets.
12. Changed - Made Protostar Storm abilities more interesting.
13. Changed - Asteroids only have 10% chance to have a Sight Obscuration ability, rather than 100%.
14. Changed - Revamped StellarAbilityTypes.txt. Now, multiple abilities of the same type are generally consolidated into a single entry.
15. Changed - Nebulae now have more color-coordinated ability classes, rather than essentially random.
16. Changed - Planet portraits now refer to more appropriate stock portrait files, by atmosphere and type.
17. Changed - Ruins abilities on planets now have obfuscated descriptions. There are now 2 possible ruin descriptions, which are repeated for every type of ruin. Now, you cannot tell whether a planet has regular or unique tech based on the ability description.
18. Added - Wheel quadrant type.
19. Added - Slew of special planet abilities.
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