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Old June 27th, 2008, 03:45 AM

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Lies My Rulebook Told Me, or The Unofficial Rulebook Errata Thread

This list is fairly well fact-checked, but if anyone can provide contradictory data please let me know and I will make corrections.

I have also not gone through the fort and PD section, or the spell list, and have no intention of doing so. If someone else wants to take this on please go ahead.

And now, without further ado, the list, with page numbers for the offending section of text:

Major issues:

Call god is a 50 priest-turn process, not 40. p52

If forces from different nations attack the same province on the same turn the order that the battles resolve in is deterministic based on nation number. It is NOT random as described in the rulebook. p66 (Updated- It is likely that the determination of nationID now follows the same progression as unitID: Starting at either the top or bottom of the list and proceeding from there, as opposed to a full randomization. This is an improvement.)

Blood hunt income is affected by the master site setting of the game. This is not reflected in the formula given for slave income. p69

Units retreating from a fort or break siege attempt flee as usual as opposed to dying. p69

Global enchantments take effect when cast, not as described in the turn order. p72

Critical hits hurt a heck of a lot more (and may be more frequent) than the formula given would indicate. p76

The stated attack penalty for multiple repel attempts in the same turn is not actually applied. p76

The formula for missiles landing against shielded units overstates the protection that shields provide. p77

The description of how morale checks works does not seem to be accurate. High morale units don't seem to be hit by unlucky rolls as often as they should be with the formula as stated. p80

Similarly, fear does not seem to function exactly as described, since units never seem to run away on the first turn they engage, which should be possible. p56

A mindless leader that is given retreat orders or is autorouted on turn 50 of a battle will dissolve, even though it should be able to command itself. p81

Path boosting spells are compared to gem expenditure, this is not accurate, as path boost spells in combat function like having the path innately, increasing max gem use and allowing gems to further boost the path. p89

Moderate issues:

Mercs don't mention that they vanish when they flee. p45

Immobile pretenders can only teleport, not cloud Trapeze or Gate, as the book says. p47

Chill and heat effects are variable, not a flat 5. p57

Research does not grant experience (beyond the base 1 that everyone gets). p58

No mention of needing a lab to equip items to commanders. p63

Move and patrol doesn't patrol for hidden units or unrest, it just defends outside the fort. p69

The attack current province command on a hidden unit will join any magical attack made on the province as opposed to moving during normal unit movement. p71

Animals have a siege penalty which is not stated. p81 (Update- This is incorrect, there does not seem to be an animal penalty, despite dev comments)

Extra paths due to boosters are not included as extra gems for a global, though they don't count as negative levels if the caster is under the minimum. (Not tested by me) p88

Effective dominion score for temple (and possibly other forms of) spread does not increase with temples built, it is set by starting dom. p93

Typos/Minor Issues/Clarifications:

The scale chart on p39 is just wrong. Look at p51 for more correct values.

The scale chart on 51 has incorrect values listed for random event frequency modifiers for the order and luck scales, and the resource values given for the production scale. (Inclusive of negative versions of each scale.) p51

SR from A9 bless is 75, not 70. p49

Magic resistance should be compared to defense value, not protection. p55

Glamour does not always come with stealth. p56

Diseased units only have a chance of gaining additional afflictions, it's not for sure. p58

The stealth formula and example don't use the same values. p67

Clams can't make pearls when unequipped, example is incorrect. p72

Morningstars and flails get bonuses against shields instead of ignoring them (slight uncertainty on this one). p75

The numbers given in the poison example are mathematically incorrect. p78

Prophetizing a high-level priest is not actually a good idea. p95

Last edited by Micah; April 26th, 2009 at 05:56 PM.. Reason: Updated to reflect additional testing data
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