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Old May 24th, 2010, 10:08 PM

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Disk New Shipset : Branthodon Regime

Branthodon Regime

Description := The Branthodon are an ancient warm-blooded reptile-like race who have developed advanced organic manipulation technology that they use on Space Dragons.
Biological Description := The Branthodon are an ancient warm-blooded reptile-like race with reddish brown skin not scales. They are a highly intelligent and aggressive race that have developed a technological society based entirely on biological and cybernetic sciences. The Branthodon stand approximately 2 meters tall.
Society Description := The Branthodon are a society of intellectuals whose main pursuit is that of research and control over the galaxy. Early on, they developed an advanced technology of organic manipulation. This much sought after ability is a closely guarded secret to the Branthodon, but they are known to trade in many other technologies. The society is lead by ruling family.
General History Description := The Branthodon have been plagued by wars since they first ventured into space. History has shown that the Branthodon are usually attacked out of fear of their organic technology. History also shows that the Branthodon are not to be trifled with. When they do go to war, it becomes a very serious endeavor.
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