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Old September 3rd, 2010, 08:21 PM

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Default Re: what about the future?

I think that Shrapnel insulted Dom3 community so many times, that only few people would consider buying anything else from them [unless it's IW stuff, we'd only curse at them for choosing Shrapnel again].

Tim Brooks really tries hard to get the image of arrogant distributor that thinks his customers are enemies. But why would anyone here want to harm Shrapnel? All we want is to enjoy the game. But Shrapnel insists on making this experience less pleasant.

People are giving advices and criticism cause they love good complicated games. And all ideas are towards getting more of them at higher quality - and also bigger community, people we could enjoy the game with.

But Shrapnel knows better - that people are maybe on some mad quest to take down Shrapnel? Maybe you should barricade your buildings, just in case? I have better idea - learn from mistakes. See Elemental? They totally ignored any feedback from beta and lost all trust. They listen only to fanboys, fanboys that got their agreement to mock and insult all that dare to criticise. How is situation here different? You have unknown mods, that just ban community legends, you have *deleted* who should have been banned many times already, you have one of the worst ad campaign [those drug-addicted girls], you screwed us with forum transfer, you insult us with digital download price [it costs you more than burning cd and printing manual? really?] and now you try to insult us here, in that thread.

So how about you use some money you earned on us, hire a consultant to make an audit, see why your costs are so high and also send someone [like yourself] to get some proper course on marketing and advertisement? Some training in customer relations for all your staff wouldn't hurt either.

LA Agartha guide

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