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Old February 8th, 2012, 02:29 PM
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Default Re: Windows Vista and Windows Seven Installation

Here's the compatibility mode "fix" that I use now.

What this does is it installs aplication compatibility options for WinSPMBT and WinSPWW2 so that every time you
start the game your desktop resolution changes to 800x600 automaticaly. And when you quit the game your desktop
resolution should change back to what it was.

This "fix" is especialy useful if you do not have the CD version of the game that allows higher resolutions.
Running the game in a window of 800x600 is not wery useful if your desktop resolution is way higher.
So you need to set the desktop resolution to 800x600 to fill the whole screen with the game window.
This fix automates that process for you.

Ofcourse this can be useful to people with the CD version too. If you want to run the game at a lower resolution
so that things look bigger and are easier to see for example.

To install, first unzip the 5 files into a temporary directory somewhere:
- Install.cmd
- Readme.txt (This file you are reading)
- Uninstall.cmd
- WinSPMBT_Force_800x600_Resolution.sdb
- WinSPWW2_Force_800x600_Resolution.sdb

Then go to that directory and run the Install file. After installation you can start up your game normaly,
but do make sure you have set the screen/window size in the game options to 800x600 and Game mode to windowed.

CD owners need to know that after installing these compatibility modes no higher resolutions should be used
than 800x600 in the game options.

To Uninstall the compatibility modes run the Uninstall file.
Alternatively you can go to Control panel and look for "Programs and Features" or "Programs (Uninstall a program)".
From there look for "WinSPMBT Force 800x600 Resolution" and "WinSPWW2 Force 800x600 Resolution".
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