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Old August 12th, 2012, 12:44 PM

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Default Ts4EVER scenarios

I will post scenarios I made in here. First are three US vs Germany scenarios taken from my 29th Infantry campaign, but more will follow.
They go in slots 450, 451, 452.

June 10, 1944


While the rest of the 29th Infantry division is moving into the Aure valley, the 116th is still in need of reinforcement and reorganisation after the heavy losses taken on Omaha beach.
To this end, you will be placed in division-reserve soon, but not before doing some more dirty work.
You are to mop up the area between Grandcamp and Isigny.
A company of Rangers and three Sherman tanks are attached to your force for this mission.

Attack and destroy the indicated strongpoints.
Be wary of local counter attacks.
Try to catch the Germans out of position, should they try to launch one!

Enemy: Intelligence indicates that enemy forces consisting of about an infantry company of the 352nd Infanterie-Division are preparing to launch a counter attack from Fossenay.
This attack could cut the lines of supply and cause confusion and disorganisation.
Furthermore, elements of the 716th Infanterie-Division are still in the area.
These constist of Russian POWs hastily pressed into service, so don't expect much of a fight from them.

Your bataillon is still in bad shape. Try to minimize casualties.
July 11, 1944


The next objective of the 29th Infantry Division is the city of St. Lo.
Command wants to avoid bloody street fighting, so our orders are to seize the heighground east of the city first.
This will hopefully cause the Germans to evacuate the city.

Objectives: Advance along the highway south (EAST on the map) and seize Saint-Andre.
Then swing your forces east (SOUTH) and advance towards Martinville.
The closer you can get, the better.

Enemy: The 352nd Infanterie is still holding the line in front of you.
By now their numbers have dwindled due to constant combat.
However, we have a second enemy: The terrain.
For ages the French peasants in this area planted hedgerows to defend their property.
These are now formidable enough to block the movement of armor and severely delay infantry.
The Germans have turned each field into a deadly killzone, covered by a crossfire of automatic weapons.

A company of tanks and engineers has been attached to your bataillon.
To clear out the Germans, close cooperation with these units is necessary.
Be methodical: Pin down German defenders with MG and mortar fire, then use the engineers to blow holes into the hedges.
Then assault the enemy forces with your tanks and infantry.
Advance to the next field and repeat.*

Note: Since hedges can't be blown up in WinSPWW2, the best breach points are marked by at-barriers.
November 18, 1944


Gentlemen of the 29th Infantry, welcome to Germany!
I doubt that this place will show up in many tourist brochures though.
Maybe it's the wet November weather, but I suspect that even in summer these endless fields and small, strung out villages would not be much more spectacular.
The only thing that distracts the eye is a huge mound of earth and gravel that the Germans dragged out of a nearby coal mine.
We had over a month to recover from the fighting at Brest, but now we are caught in the middle of Operation Queen, the assault to reach the Roer river.
The village of Setterich is the first in a long row of obstacles standing between us and the city of Juelich, which dominates the Roer crossing.
Sadly, it has proven a tough nut to crack.

On the 16th of November the 115th and 175th regiments failed to make much headway against their objectives.
The 115th suffered heavy casualties and the 175th were forced to spend the day pinned down in a ditch.
Yesterday our 1st Bataillon was also repulsed after trying to attack the village from the south.
Their attack was stopped by a machine gun position on top of a windmill on our flank.

Now it's on us: We have passed into the 2nd Armored division zone and will attack Setterich from Loverich in the north.
2nd Armored is already in Puffendorf in the north east, but they are under heavy counter attack by the 9th Panzer and want us to clear the road leading there, which is blocked by an anti-tank ditch.
While we make our effort, 1st Bataillon will renew their attack in the south.

Capture Setterich and the at ditch in the north.

Enemy: The 246th Volksgrenadier Division is holding Setterich.
According to intelligence reports they are an understrength infantry division with a higher number of automatic small arms.

You will receive ample artillery and air support, as well as a platoon of tanks from 2nd Armored.
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