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Old August 30th, 2021, 11:54 PM

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Default Commonwealth AC and tank discrepancies

Valentine tanks in the game have no self defence smoke dischargers, Actually they did have them. The game picture of the Mk XI actually shows them mounted on the side of the turret. Up until Mk VII there is a 2" mortar mounted in the turret just next to the MG and smoke bombs are carried. This configuration is probably quite difficult to use effectively, but Mk IX changes the configuration to rear mounted smoke dischargers.
Churchill Mk I and MkII have the same Turret mounted 2" mortar but again have no Self Defence smoke in the game.

Some service date discrepencies for Centaur courtesy of Fletchers book British Battle Tanks.
Unit 313 Centaur Dozer game start date is 10/44 Fletcher gives 4/45
Unit 309 "Centaur IV" Game has UK service from 6/44 to 10/44 sould be 6/44 to 6/44. Fletcher gives these tanks just two weeks British service with the Royal Marines. And goes on to add that after those two weeks they were divided up between the French who didnt use them; the 6th LAA battery of 27th light Regiment of the 51st Highland division (as AA conversions?) see
and lastly some to the Canadian 6th Airbourne division and used in the 'X' Armoured battery, 53rd light Regiment and on 6/8/44 (Game has correct start date) some went to create the Ist Canadian Centaur battery.
Confirmed in

UK unit 607 "M-H II 2pdr", 608 M-H II 20mm, 609 M-H II 37mm and 610 M-H II 47mm all have turret side, rear and top values of 1, should all be 0. Compare these equipments to German unit 426 "SdKfz 221 sPzB". In the German unit the gun is mounted much lower down, leaving the operators much less exposed than Marmon but 221 gets turret side, rear and top values of 0, Marmons and 221s are both field guns retaining their sheilds mounted in open turret rings, yet the 221 gets turret side, rear and top values of 0, Marmon 1's.

Fletchers book "British Battle tanks American made" has some start service dates for staghound armoured cars. they are,
For NZ service starts on 8-9/43, game has start date 1/43.
For UK service starts on 10/43, game has 7/43 which is about when they arrived in Egypt for training and familiarisation with units re-equiping for Italy.
For Canadian service starts on 2/44, game has 7/43. First use by the canadian of the 3" unit 352 "Staghound MkII" 12/44 game has 1/45.
3" Staghound MkII was originally a NZ field conversion but doesn't appear in the Aus/NZ OOB.
Game has Staghounds Appearing in the Aus/NZ and Indian service in 1/43 probably should be later than 10/44. Poland gets them a month early in 9/43.
Canadian unit 353 Staghound MkIII. Fletcher says "first 3 sent to manitoba Dragoons in Germany"
So Allies entered Germany about 3/45? so game start date of 1/45 looks early. UK OOB also has it as unit 851 with 1/45 start date.

Canadian units 350 and 351 'Staghound + Rkt' with start dates of 1/45 never saw service.

Quoting Fletcher again. About Tulip equipment unit 351 'Staghound + Rkt'
"cancelled a February 1945 plan to convert enough to issue to serving units"
I read this as meaning unit 351 didn't see service reasons given being that they were inaccurate long range and at short range "often" failed to detonate.

Regards unit 350 'Staghound + Rkt' land mattress variant, didnt see service either, it was still in development in 12/45 see

Also comments
"No Staghounds fitted with rockets were used in action."
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