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Old July 17th, 2018, 12:09 PM
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Default Re: Daunted by Long Campaign force selection

Originally Posted by jivemi View Post
Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
In a German campaign - core AT units can convert to SP-AAA later on when Allied air gets significant.

Having the flak elements have gained experience means that when converted to arty (in a non German core) they then have quicker response times. And any German anti tank converts to flak tend to be noticeably more effective since they usually have a sizeable kill total (and hence the experience gain for that) by the time they do switch roles.

So what's the best flak to buy and later convert to SP-AAA? In a current German LC I started with 2 3.7cm flak batteries and upgraded the 4 most experienced to Wirbelwinds with lower ranged 20mm after the first Western Front battle (June 44). Unfortunately a platoon of Panthers got left out in open fields shooting up Brit infantry for too long and 3 of them got whacked by 4 Typhoons with only 1 point of damage inflicted by 2 or 3 Wirbels in range. (In the first West Front battle--a German delay--the original stationary flak damaged 3 of 4 Typhoons during their first strike, with only one Panther lost).

While the tanks would probably have been lost regardless, would it have been better to upgrade to Moebelwagons with 3.7cm guns instead? Thanks.
Best flak would be a ZSU-23-4 with its radar and fire control, but that is post-war, unfortunately.

In WW2, flak is about numbers and being lucky really. In my current LC I have a platoon of ground 37mm and 2 sections of some armoured truck with 37mm, but I usually buy 3-4 support sections of SP-flak. The tin trucks sometimes will survive cannon or MG strafing, and aren't too expensive.

I tend to keep my core SP trucks in the middle zone, the ground mounts on any nice ridge to protect the arty park, and the support ones try to keep up with the armour, while staying out of line of sight of his AT weapons. Preferably within 10 hexes of the main pack.

In the later war things like moebelwagens come along with 4-5 fire control, rather than the 2 or so of earlier war - and would likely prove to be better shots. You still would want them close by though, not lounging in the back.

So - yes the moebelwagen would have been a useful upgrade to have taken, if the choice was there.
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