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Old August 9th, 2013, 03:57 PM

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Default Re: WIP Campaign "Kampfgruppe Weber"

Improved version. Fixed the problems we talked about and added a scout platoon to the core force, conisting of a Schwimmwagen, a PzFaust Scout troop and a sniper.
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Old November 7th, 2016, 11:50 PM
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Default Re: WIP Campaign "Kampfgruppe Weber"

Greatly enjoyed this campaign, well done. Results: 1 decisive defeat,
3 m victories, 3 decisive victories. Managed to preserve most of my armour with repairable damage until final scenario. One Jgpz IV total loss. Three misses in succession and paid the price.
Losses in final scenario: 1 Panther, 2 Pz IV.
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Old June 25th, 2022, 11:30 AM
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Default Re: WIP Campaign "Kampfgruppe Weber"

OK finished this one now. It was actually pretty fun :P
It also warned about the losses - I was keeping them veeery limited from the start.

Again, lets focus on bad things :P
1) It crashes after the final bridge scenario. So its hard to see the final result and I barely remember the results, but got 1 decisive loss, about 2 decisive wins, 4 minor wins I believe? Anyway, I havent drawn a single scenario which I believe is good.
2) First scenario - American town defence - I had to use Z-fire even though last time I said I do not do this. Otherwise my force would suffer unreperable damage at battle 1. I am not sure if you want that defence that strong there. Also, Americans are supported for anti-tank combat every single battle :V
Remember it may cause issues if one is avoiding z-fire;
3) Reloads - campaign indeed is hard, buit its main enemy are Allied lucky shots that sometimes occur. I had to reload - as for my standard - A LOOOOT, sometimes few times per battle. Eg. on one occasion Thunderbolt hit my discovered infantry, but lots the sight so it randomly fired into the woods 500 metres further one shooting my Panther :P I am not sure how others play it, but I myself have a strong rule that only 1 reload per game is allowed (to counter some impossibly unlucky situations), 2 if game is 40+ turns OR if I want to achieve one particular situation (I can reload as long as I want in that case, but once per game).
This aspect is problematic because its kinda philosophical question what does it mean to make "hard campaign", as with proper amount of loads you can handle pretty much every situation;
4) Final scenario - its pretty good, but those 6 Pounders predeployed on the road seems to be quite try-harding. I suggest making them normally attacking and approaching the position;

Otherwise I liked this little narrative, you could in fact individualize units even more, that could push players to care even more :P
Decent maps, it was a nice playtime. Particularly with all Panthers ending with 30+ kills. You may be a wounded beast, but still a beast.

Final result fro mthe last battle and losses allocations.
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