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Old August 29th, 2005, 04:08 PM

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Default Re: what mix of forces do you use in PBEM?

I generally propose a 10% limit on arty for PBEM games (includes CAS and attack helos). Keeps things balanced, and avoids massively unrealistic arty components (like 20 batteries of 203mm supporting a single tank company).

Of course, that's for a mtg-engagement. For an assault, I find that 20% for the attacked, 10% for the defender works well.

I guess I'm more concerned with game balance than realism.
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Old August 30th, 2005, 02:48 PM

Pepper Pepper is offline
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Default Re: what mix of forces do you use in PBEM?

I like limiting non-organic arty, snipers and air support. No more than 10% attached arty, no more than [x] non-organic snipers (depending on points -- for 20,000 point batallion size conflict I find 5-10 non-organic snipers OK), and I really have found games more enjoyable if you limit the air to 1 or 2 airstrikes. Even 2 airstrikes (i.e. 4 heavy attack helos) can be quite devestating in the later years. I enjoy the modeling of scouting, tactical maneuvering and broad strategy more interesting than floating a gunship at the back above some ammo trucks and then blasting anything that moves with a TOW 2-B.

That said, I've got a few open slots -- anyone wanna play?
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Old September 2nd, 2005, 10:31 PM
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Default Re: what mix of forces do you use in PBEM?

I like to play smaller battles with limited points. This forces the purchasers to make hard decisions about what equipment to purchase. It also makes it intersting when you dont have enough troops to cover the whole map. More tough decisions.

As far as what I purchase its always a mix. Artillery,Im partial to rocket arty,but I dont always use it. Air is usually limited to 1 or 2 in games I play. Or none at all.
Armor. I usually buy some of the best tanks availible in any given situation. I generally like to buy a decent amount of infantry,then some enginners and /or para's.
I usually buy some aa guns and other gear like mg units,maybe inf sams in a more air oriented game. I like some AT or ATGM infantry. I dont usually buy mech infantry,but not always.
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