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Old October 19th, 2005, 04:29 PM
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Default Detailed Timeline, Locations and Logistics

Here I will gather everything you post (in other threads) on the timeline and positioning, numbers:
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Old October 19th, 2005, 04:30 PM
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Default 14 November

14 Nov 65

0?H 2 A/229th Avn UH-1D's and 2 UH-1B's make a recon flight from Plei Me to Duc Co and identify 3 possible LZs.

0?H 5 CH-47A's start moving 6 105mm guns to LZ Falcon. Battery A / 1st Bn / 21st Field Artillery and Battery C / 1st Bn / 21st Field Artillery

0?H 1/9th Cav Scouts conduct a VR of 2 LZs and the surrounding area.

0852: LZ X-Ray is selected.

0930: all 16 A/229th Avn UH-1D's arrive at Plei Me for the CA. C/2/20th ARA provided support all that day.

1017: Artillery opens fire

1048: the first lift of 8 UH-1Ds landed in X-Ray, the second wave follwed immediately

1048: 2 plts B/1/7 plus HQ land at LZ X-ray and move to dry ravine, supported by arty at LZ Falcon.

1120: the second lift went in. Captured prisoner from Recon elements West from LZ

1120: 3rd plt B/1/7 plus 2 plt A/1/7 arrive, 3rd plt B/1/7 moves to dry ravine, A/1/7 moves to SW and left of HQ.

1140: The 1/7th C&C ship landed to extract the NVA POW.

1210: the First shots are fired, around B Coy's positions

1210: the third lift went in and at 1215H contact was made to begin the Battle of LZ X-Ray.

1210: final 2 plts A/1/7 arrive. PAVN units begin to arrive on battlefield. One plt B/1/7 chases PAVN and gets cut off by 2 companies of PAVN. Four pltns of PAVN move to south of LZ while 5 pltns attack the dry ravine opposite B/1/7.

1215: contact was made to begin the Battle of LZ X-Ray.

1230: Company C arrived. Company B is avancing to the west mountain.

1245: the first few casualties arrive back in the LZ. These where not Airlifted out. They where treated in the LZ.

1300: 30-40 NVA attack 1st Platoon, B Coy, from two sides.
Lt Herrick tries to flank the enemy attacking 1st Platoon on the right hand side. He over reaches and gets cut off.

1315: 1st Platoon B coy, is hit by 82mm, 60mm mortars and RPG-2's.
3rd Platoon B coy, moves up on 1st platoons left. Then runs into heavy automatic fire, from "A covered MG position".
40-50 NVA then attack 2nd Troop.

1330: B/1/7 attacked by at least 2 Coy PAVN, right Platoon in danger

1330: Few rounds of 60 mm and 81 mm falling in LZ and on Co B.

1332: After refueling, the fourth lift went in at

1335: C/1/7 arrives and moves to south, south-west to form a blocking position of the LZ (S, SE) and to give protection to the left flank of Co A. of LZ and attacks PAVN in flank. HQ moves to middle north of LZ.

1335: Arrive last platoon of Co A, the commander of Co A and lead elements of Co C

1338: the second wave started receiving ground fire. After this lift was complete, a medevac ship brought in the Bn Surgeon's team which reported they already had 20 to 25 WIA's and some KIA's.

1338: Co A was ordered to move his company up on the left of Co B; to establish physical contact with Co B and protect the Co B left flank; and to send one platoon up to Co B to assist Co B in getting to the Co B lost platoon on which was in danger to cut off.

1340: Calling 4+ Air Strikes to support West and South; same instruction to ARA and Artillery; also target enemy mortars (traces)

1340: Co B is fighting against 75-100 NVA

1340: Detached platoon from Co A is getting right of Co B and is reaching a position 75 meters from the "lost platoon" from Co B

1340: Co A advance to the left flank of Co B and attack a large NVA force that is moving towards the west creek; it kills (close-in flanking) 50-70 PAVN
1400: fighting ceases

1400: the USAF Spad crashed and ARA fire was directed on the NVA moving around the aircraft

1430: Last elements of Co C and lead elements of Co D (1st wave 8 UH-1D) land. C elements move towars south perimeter in order to join the rest of Co C.

1430: the fifth lift went in and the LZ suddenly turned red-hot. The Hueys dropped off troops and extracted KIAs and WIAs. Because the first wave received such heavy fire and took so many hits, the 1/7th cancelled the second wave. Two Hueys were dispatched to Camp Holloway to collect ammo. Two Hueys loaded all the remaining 1/7th ammo at Plei Me and returned to X-Ray. They extracted 13 WIAs and KIAs on this trip. The two Hueys from Holloway returned and went into X-Ray, one was shot down in X-Ray and the crew extracted. A/229th continued to fly in ammo and extract casualties. Instead of flying the WIAs all the way to Pleiku, they used LZ Falcon as a transfer point to the medevac ships. After three two ship missions, all of A/229th set up a shuttle flying in ammo and water, taking out casualties

1430: LZ turns hot. 1 plt D/1/7 lands between A and C coy while second plt D/1/7 moves to middle east of LZ.

1435: 175-200 NVA engage the Co C; the battle last for one and half hour (up to 1605); air mission and artillery support the Co C

1435: first elements of Co D join the Co A and kill 25-30 PAVN

1435: Estimation of 500-600 NVA soldiers present at the area; requesting of reinforcements Co B / 2nd Bn / 7th Cavalry assembling

1440:Cavalry Scout section scout NW SW areas and approaches of N Nw from valley floor.

1520: they started bringing in the last of the 1/7th Cav two ships at a time (2x4 times). A second Huey went down in X-Ray

1520: Hvy wpns and recce platoon arrive. Recce moves to north of LZ.

1520: recon platoon reserve to N and E of LZ.; All rifle Co mortars on the eastern fringe of theLZ; Co D add his mortars to this location.; Mortars firing mission directed in support of Co A and Co B.

1545: First attempt by Co A and Co Bto reach lost platoon CoB has been stopped by 300 NVAs (moderate casualties)

1615: Heavy Artillery and ARA preparatory fire infront of the Co A and Co B in order to support the second attempt.

1620: Second attempt by Co A and Co B to reach the lost p[latoon.

1620: Co A takes back his platoon from Co B and advance only 150 meters; one platoon of A advance more and becomes engaged/traped. Artillery support around that platoon.

1620: 200-225 NVA were still in the area fighting against Co A and Co B

1705: B/2/7 arrives, 1 plt moves in between A and C/1/7 while 2 plts move to north of LZ.(from 1705 to 1800)

1740: Co A and Co B under heavy Artillery supporting fire pull out to form a tight defensive perimeter in the fringe of the LZ.

1900: The defensive perimeter is ready; attached to Co C one platoon from Co B/2/7; Recon platoon in reserve
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Old October 19th, 2005, 06:38 PM
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Default 14/11 - 15/11 (morning) maps

maps of events: 14/11 to 15/11 morning

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