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Old July 9th, 2005, 06:40 AM
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Default Project Phase A - Priorities

In the Phase A of the project we have to coordinate our work in order to support the later activities of the project.

For this phase the most important activities are the following:

Historical research:

Major events/Operations/Battles

Units involved (accurate TO&Es/training level of these units)

Script/Scenery/Novel writing (part 75% historical/real - part 25% Alternate/fictional) - for gameplay issue the TO&Es and core army unit organization/location may be historically inaccurate (to a certain point - gameplay issues)


Finding of picture photographs in the Internet and DL them in the appropriate "Prototype map thread".

Designing very small (30x30) sample maps for each "Prototype map" thread in order to evaluate, adopt and issue some general standards for map designers.

Research on map aero photographs, topographic maps and whatever could help in the accurate designing of the appropriate "theatre of Operations" maps (Each ToO will consist of 4-9 Huge maps with connectivity)

At least the 15% of maps should be topographically REAL and Accurate in order to USE this as an Innovating feature of the Campaign. I am actually working in the digitisation of some Topographic maps of A SHAU valley (Hambourger hill), but anyone who wishes to contribute to this task is welcome.

AI Behaviour:

Running a series of test battles: The study of the final map (end battle screen of multiple battles with a increasing turn progression of 2,3,4,...10 turns) will lead to very useful conclusions concerning issues as the "way point" AI behaviour, the allocation of Paths using VP flags, advanced usage of VP flags locations, different stages of deployment using modified battle type (in the same map we deploy units by changing the battle type for each deployment phase) example: deploy 1 unit in a defence battle conditions, then change the battle conditions to assaulting and deploy another unit. Now use a series of battle test to observe the reaction and behaviour of AI units (this will be very complicated as more and more parameters are added in the requirements/analysis of the series of battles test. Try to post the result of your Tests to the appropriate thread (also add pictures and zip. save files from the battle tests)

Mission Types:

Try to make a small description/analysis of each mission type and the appropriate mission objectives.

Coding issues:

Try to think/design/evolve a coding standard for keeping track of the progression/evolution of the player's army through the different stages/levels/paths of the campaign.
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Old July 14th, 2005, 07:23 PM
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Default Re: Project Phase A - Priorities


The progress of the project is remarkable, and this is the result of your efforts!

Everyone is participating to the development of the current phase but since scenario designing is not yet an option some of us are in a stand by mode

If I have to commend someone for his dedication to the project in these first few days, I would say Boonierat is the "man" and Narwan is also very active.

As for the progress of the various sectors of the project I would like to say the followings (week1):

1. The script section is progressing superbly (soon it will be done).
2. The mission types/link properties are doing fine.
3. The map prototype task did some progress but we should put some more effort (anyway it is ok)
4. The AI behaviour is not progressing...
5. The critical section of the project (after the ToO/script is done) will be the formation/evolution of the core force. This must be done before finalizing the chapters and before starting the mission details.

Concerning the evolution of the core force you must take into consideration the followings:
1. We must make a detailed list of a typical Air CAV Brigade and also a list of the possible support elements/attachments Coys) (week2).
2. Taking as point of reference the composition of this Brigade we must try to think how could we separate the elements of this brigade in order to allow a progressive built up of our core force (we must also think about additional support attachments - Coys) (week2).
3. We must think as players what are the limitations and the curve of the player's interest in relation with the size of the army and the number of battles.(how many big battles can a player play without being tired?).
4. After this task is completed we will discuss the evolution of the core force in relation with the ToOs (week2).
5. After the core force evolution is fixed/decided, then we will work with the detailed chapter description and then we may proceed with the mission description(week3-4).
6. After the mission description is completed we will start the actual designing of the campaign maps according to the mission details and the map prototypes(week5-11).
7. In order to be ready for scenario designing we should discuss the AI behaviour sections/threads. (week2-10)
8. After all these activities are completed we may start the designing the mission/scenarios (week7-12)
9. Then the balance/playtesting will begin - recruitment of playtesters (week8-15)
10. The final adjustments, the last-minute modifications and the scenario description (week10-16).
11. The project will be ready at the end of week16.

So Gentlemen, our project timeline is 4 months.

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