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Old April 20th, 2020, 11:50 PM

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Fallout Re: Request for Aeraaa

How ironic that you ask, a retreating Chinook "gunship" flew across a field exposing more NVA units (4) coming in from the NW they're a ways off and shouldn't be in the fight before Turn 20. It also unmasked 4 NVA units in the Village to the NE of the FB.

Current status: VC attack from the SE quadrant is destroyed. Swinging to the West from there most of that section is now secure. The extreme SW or end of the end of the perimeter the VC is in retreat or routed with a couple of half units and about two full units still in the fight but, barely.

I'll be shifting some units through the trenches to better cover the Western and Northern Perimeters which for the most part has been suppressed. The NE quadrant is starting to break apart somewhat. I think partly to do with unloading (In the FB) a helo there during the last reinforcement cycle (Turn 10).

My mortars that have been harassing the NVA to the North etc. will now by augmented by my 105mm/155mm/175mm and I think the 203mm (Is still in play?) are all focused or will be when the current Fire missions are completed as I'm still not done with the VC to the SW corner as already assigned.

I've held the VC flags since the beginning of the game. I just ran a jeep up the road capturing them until it was ambushed. The two VC flags to the extreme SE of the map are mine as well (Yes I know I already said I have them all.) with a surprise for "Charlie" if he comes for them. I have a RECON unit in the trees at each flag with good LOS to the approach's. Also a Marine Sniper has over watch over them and one other further to the North at the bend in the road. And by the way the two nasty guns including the AT one in that area have long been destroyed. So if the reinforcements are coming up that road, well that's what they'll do, because, a helo gunship (UH) has about 4 units unmasked/pinned around the bend around the bend and one spotted around the next.

VC is down to 2 81mm mortars with one at half a crew. BF-40 are all destroyed and he's spent his heavy artillery many turns

Be advised, I'm not stupid enough to claim victory, far from it. It's been a slug fest. Around turn 11/12, pretty much have gone around the FB (Since Turn 1.) and pepping up my boys with the Morale button. Also at that time to conserve ammo I've strictly limited offensive firing (Good Old weapons discipline.) but, as I noted above I did let loose on the Southern Perimeter line after the last artillery barrage to effect.

Oh almost forgot smoke screen to the North with a couple of helos waiting in it to the approach to the Northern most bunker. Am sending a couple of units that way as well to the bunker so far .

I will make a screen shot of the FB area for contrast against Turn 12. I'm at Turn 16/17 right now. We're still in the fight, requesting hot chow, STRONG coffee and water for the boys!!

FB Dragon - OUT!

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Old April 25th, 2020, 07:36 PM
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Default Re: Request for Aeraaa

Pat reload your image in to whatever program you use.
Select save as - not save.
You should get a selection of file formats
Select JPG or JPEG

File size is about 10 times smaller
If your program gives options for the JPG just accept the default.

NOTE You can trim the quality back to 80% with little noticeable difference in quality if needed to reduce file size further. Ideal for all but high quality stuff you want to print or look at on a big screen.
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