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Old March 13th, 2011, 10:45 AM

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Default Nation - LA Serena: Merchant Princes

First version of a new LA nation, Serena. A mix of the Republic of Venice and the Vatican State.

The Republic of Serena was once a federated province of Marignon, but enjoying a great degree of self government, because it housed in its territory the head of the Marignon church. The Great Hierophant wanted to have more power over the kings, and a brief civil struggle followed. The Hierophant gained support from some very wealthy merchant families that used highly trained mercenary troops. Marignon ended appointing a new head of its church and so the Republic of Serena was founded. Serenians are governed by a senate where the merchant families decide its fate and roam the seas seeking for new trade routes in order to fill their already rich coffers. Now, the Great Hierophant calls for crusades against infidels, and the Merchant Princes see that as an opportunity to expand their influence.

Many sacred troops and powerful priests, including a H2 Exorcist that also is inquisitor and wields a Holy Symbol deadly to demons. Galley captains and merchant adventurers that can sail. Many troops are trained in mixed weapon tactics, able in archery and hand to hand combat. Uses Astral, Earth and Water.

Has two heroes: an Apostle with H4 and a Blind Doge inspired by the figure of Enrico Dandolo.

Venetica, the capital, brings water and earth gems, extra gold each turn, and recruiting assassins in their dens of iniquity. The other starting site, the Apostolic Palace, spawns astral pearls and allows recruiting of the Cardinal, an S2 H3 mage, and a heavy sacred infantry expert in mountain warfare.

Has no national summons, but two specific spells: Exorcism, an Evocation 0/Astral 1 that kills demons, and Excommunication, a Thaumaturgy 3/Astral 2 formula that works as Smite against sacred beings and also horror marks them.

Comes with sprites and includes the '4Pretenders' mod:
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Old April 6th, 2011, 08:14 PM

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Default Re: Nation - LA Serena: Merchant Princes

Updated rar after correcting a few errors and renaming files. Also, only the nation is present, no longer the 4 extra gods.
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Old April 29th, 2011, 02:11 PM
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Default Re: Nation - LA Serena: Merchant Princes

It strikes me that most of the basic troops come without helmet. At least Condotta's description makes it clear they are professionals, so they could at least have helmets. Especially so when you look at their cost, no way it will overpower them. City guards could use some basic helmet, and why not some leather cap for light cavalry ? having a helmet totally changes the survivability of a given troop in mass battle, where the rare head shot occurs way to often.

All basic troops are way too costly for what they do. 16 gold for city guards is utter robbery, and 28 gold for what is basically a 3 strategic move shortbow doesn't look like a good deal either. I can get Condotta are mercenaries, but maybe something could be done regarding their stats/equipment ? I'd never recruit those in their actual state. Sacreds are much too costly or totally not up to their cost : compare a Hierophant Guard (80 gold) to a Van (90 gold), and you'll get what I mean.

Keep in mind I'm not an experienced MP player, but your magery not being really a tool for domination (2S 1E 1W,max 2pics per mage, missed anything ? I find them overpriced too), this nation seems very crippled for any even matchup. Which is sad I love Venetian theme, and I like nations offering diverse leaders for recruitment.
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Old April 30th, 2011, 12:53 PM
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Default Re: Nation - LA Serena: Merchant Princes

Balance Comments:

Constable: Overpriced. Compare LA Man: Judge. Recommend giving a much higher patrol bonus - like 20 - and probably still reducing the price.

Condotta Captain: Extremely overpriced. Maybe a 50g chassis. Also, if you're going to give it a standard, make it at least 10 if not more. Standard 5 is insulting.

Artist Engineer: Price is laughable. Its much worse than an MA Ulm Master Smith at basically twice the price. Reasonable price ~100-120g.

Apostolic Delegate: Should be 40g tops.

Scholarly Theologian: 80-90g tops. Maybe less. Probably 80 though.

Mastermind Theologian: 160g tops. Probably more like 120.

Exorcist: Just bad. Ballpark 100g, but i'd just seriously rethink this unit.

Merchant Adventurer: Ew. Call it 60g.

Assassin: don't see any reason it should be cap only.

Cardinal: Should be 200g, maybe. If only you had playable sacreds.

Marine: 9g chassis at best, maybe 8. Probably still won't see play.

Marine w/ shortbow: Same as above (8-9g). How'd you manage to give him a shortbow without additional resource cost? Remember, gear costs resources, not gold.

City guard: 10g tops. Give them 10 attack too, these are trained soldiers.

Serenian Cavalry: ballpark 15g. You can get indies that are *at least* the equal in stats for 18g, and nationals should be better than indies if only by being cheaper.

Condotta Infantry: Give them a crossbow instead of a shortbow. Seriously. Also, give them a helm - the graphic has one. Maybe a 16-18g chassis at best, could likely justify 14-15g. Compare LA Man: Defender.

Condotta Infantry: Bwahaha 42g? Go with 18g at best. Needs a helm and a shield if its meant to be heavy infantry.

Crusader: Its got like 12g worth of stats. Even at x2 for sacred, its at best a 24g chassis. But its pretty bad. Price it at 15g, probably, its chaff. Heck, that might be too much - flagellants are better! Needs a helm and a real shield - buckler? come on. Its got a kite shield in the image.

Warrior Monk: Try 30g, see if anyone plays with them. I'm guessing the encumbrance is too high for them to be useful.

Heirophant Guard: Halve the price, they might almost be playable. Costing them like elite sacred cavalry means no one will ever use them.

Bad magic, even for LA. Bad troops especially for LA - they feel like EA troops with the light armor most of them are wearing. Everything is substantially overpriced, often double or more a realistic assessment.

Gold cost should represent the chassis sans equipment. For human troops this is a pretty standard 10g for a pretty average chassis, slide up or down slightly for balance purposes. (Ie, if the gear is really shoddy, its probably worth dropping it a gold or two).
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Old May 2nd, 2011, 07:13 AM

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Default Re: Nation - LA Serena: Merchant Princes

Many thanks for the responses Yes, the nation was the first modded in with very few games in my back, so it is anything but balanced. For the next version prices are adjusted and more armor given.

About magic, I believe more Earth and Water should be given to artist-engineers and more Water to cleric-mages and merchants. Perhaps the merchant adventurer should have Astral as well.
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Old May 24th, 2011, 07:46 AM

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Default Re: Nation - LA Serena: Merchant Princes

New version up with (nearly) all suggested changes.
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