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Old November 1st, 2010, 09:47 PM

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Default An Awfully Audacious Akkadian AAr

The Akkadian Empire 2300 BCE–2200 BCE

Personal note: When I saw the advert for this game it looked like a clone of one of my favourite board games, Tigris and Euphrates. Of course I grabbed the game as soon as I got the email announcing it was released! I was pleasantly surprised due to the complexity and difficulty.
So far its a great game that requires great proclaim!

Because of this I will AAr through a game, It's very short so It will be fairly quick, however I will be asking for any player input I get as to what move to make.

The Akkadian Empire:

We can make Palaces(5 silver): It works as a Citadel, Army, Ziggurat and town put together. So a very powerful but very expensive tile to place. Built up tiles (everything but farms) cost silver upkeep, from 1-5 and cannot be removed.

Cons: We cannot make any Ziggurats, so we cannot convert farms. Unless we use a Palace.

Strategy: After playing a few games I have come to the conclusion that a mix of offensive defence is needed for this civilisation. Mostly due to the lack of ability to snipe at farms (no ziggurats). We burrow into the other civilisation and use citadels to hold onto it. This is my personal opinion however so could be wrong!


Put simply, we place a tile each turn. Either a farm, bridge, mining village, citadel, army, town or palace.
A farm gives us 1 silver.
A citadel defends every built up tile around it (everything but farms)
A mining village is essentially a 'farm' next to a source of income, giving it 2 gold instead of the farms 1.
A palace is as stated before, a immensely powerful tile. It is a army, citadel, ziggurat and town combined, but is incredibly expensive.
An army will 'conquer' any built up tile adjacent (everything but farms)
A bridge will build a 'bridge' (surprise!) across a river. They cannot be built adjacent.
A town will take all neutral squares the adjacent squares to it which adds up to 9 possible total I believe, including the one its on.

AAr Coming soon!
Spartan Empire mod

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