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Old February 7th, 2015, 07:40 PM

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Default Japanese OOB05 v.2014

A couple of thoughts while working upon Japanese pictures, for eventual future use:

071 Ki-43 Hayabusa - 250kg bombs were introduced in Ki-43-II produced from 11/42 (now 1/42) (though according to Polish monographic article by L.Wieliczko, 250kg bombs were used rather for suicide missions). Earlier Ki-43-I could take up to 2x30kg.

100 A6M7 Rei-Sen - photo is early A6M2

108 Carden-Lloyd - precisely it was Carden-Loyd Mk.VIb (single "L" btw), but according to Taki it was designated Type Ka (Ka shiki) - http://www3.plala.or.jp/takihome/carden.html
Bought already in 1930 according to Taki (or even in 1928 according to A. Tomczyk "Japanese armor vol.1") (now 1/33). Date change would demand changes in formations 111,112.

115 Kawasaki Ki.57 - it would need own photo - now it's Ki-21 bomber

133 Type 5 To-Ku - it was a prototype only.

147 Wolesley A/C - correct is Wolseley http://www3.plala.or.jp/takihome/wolseley.htm

It would be nice to have also Vickers-Crossley armoured car http://www3.plala.or.jp/takihome/VC.html

There could be also added Austin armoured car http://www3.plala.or.jp/takihome/austin.html . I don't know until when they were used, but it could be simply copied from Polish unit 651 (with eventual change of MGs), so maybe it's worth to add it until 1931.

148 M3 Stuart - photo is M3A3. It's worth to replace it with a Japanese tank photo, eg. cut from http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4.../japbook27.jpg

157 75mm Mtn Gun - used from 1935 http://www3.plala.or.jp/takihome/94-75.htm

200 Renault Type 79 - they were named model Ko tanks (Ko Gata Sensha). According to A. Tomczyk "Japanese armor", the Japanese never used "Type" designations for imported vehicles. See also http://www3.plala.or.jp/takihome/FT.html

201,202 Renault Type 87, Type 89 - as above - they were named Otsu Gata http://www3.plala.or.jp/takihome/NC.html
There isn't known armament of 2x MGs - they should be armed with 1 MG or 37 mm gun of unknown characteristics, but apparently longer, than French SA-18 (eg. http://www.aviarmor.net/tww2/photo/f.../nc27_jap4.jpg ).

214,400 Type 94 (Early) - there's no information about it having a BMG

224 A6M8c Rei-Sen - photo is early A6M2

270,271 Yokosuka B4Y1 - photo is Aichi D1A http://www.combinedfleet.com/HainanRS_t.htm

273-275 Nakajima Ki-49 - photo is Mitsubishi Ki-21

279,280 Nakajima B6N - photo is Ki-32

282,284 Mitsubishi Ki67, Yokosuka P1Y1 - photo is Mitsubishi Ki-21

370 Yokosuka D4Y - photo is Aichi D3A

410 Type 3 Ke-Ri - according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_95_Ha-Go and other publications, "this design never got past testing in 1943" or made only in few pieces.

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