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Old November 14th, 2017, 10:49 AM
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Default "Impossible Orders" - Scenario No. 322

Impossible Orders

Date: December 19, 1942

Battle Location: Kasatschi Heights, Stalingrad

Battle Type: Germany assault vs USSR defend

Description: In a surprising move the heavily depleted Grenadier Regiment is relieved from the front and pulled back to Demitrijewka for rest. There will be no rest however as a Soviet attack has managed to break into the lines of the Austrians of the neighbouring 44th Division.

Zank and his 673d Regiment is ordered to counterattack the Soviet penetration and regain the old frontlines near Kasatschi Heights north of Dimitrijewka. Support from artillery and an armoured group under a Hauptmann von Pogrell is promised.

While the tanks show up, Zank is disappointed in discovering that they number only five vehicles. As for his own regiment the strength is that of a reinforced company. On top of everything the terrain is more or less open steppe with little cover. However, orders, even impossible ones, are still orders for the troops of the 673d. The attack is launched.

Notes: If played against the AI the human player should take the German side.

Source: Zank, H - Stalingrad: Kessel und Gefangenshaft

Design by: Ulf Lundstrom.

Main Force Composition:

Infantry: 3 Platoons of regular infantry, and 1 Platoon of engineers.

Armors: 1 Platoon of Panzers.

Support Units: 1 Forward Observer, 2 Mortar Tubes, 4 Tubes Offmap Howitzer, 4 Scout Squads, 2 MG Squads.


To avoid being pounded by the full firepower of Soviet defenses, I decided not to go broad-front against the trenches there. Besides, advancing directly to the west will put us in the open, with little cover. Putting smoke covers while advancing directly west might be tempting, but due to the snow condition thus slower movement, quite a big distance, very high visibility (50+), and very limited smoke rounds, I believe this method will be very ineffective.

There are two approach-gullies, one running toward the northern flank of the Soviets, while the other running toward southern flank of the Soviets. I decided to go the southern one, because the jump off area (no man's land between gully and the first trenches) is the smallest. Also the Soviet trenches' coverage area toward the south is rather minimal, compared toward the north.

Approaching the Soviet position using gully will not only provide cover, but also once we reach the Soviet's southern area, the Soviet's firepower will be much reduced due to LOS blocking by the High Point South.

All units must be present on the jump-off area before we attack, so advance units must wait for the late-comers. This is to avoid attacking piecemeal. We will use full-force once the attack is launched. For this purpose, the Panzers will also serve as transports, carrying slow & rear units toward the jump-off area quicker.

Once the attack is ready, full artillery fire and smoke covers will be delivered to the Soviet's southern flank.

Because I suspect strong anti-tank positions from the Soviets, the Panzers will not dash off in front, but rather serving as infantry support, in the rear.

Note: once we reach Soviet defenses, do not climb over the High Point South, lest we are exposed by the full force of the enemy fire. Use the High Points wisely as LOS Blocker.

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Old November 14th, 2017, 11:44 AM
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Default Re: "Impossible Orders" - Scenario No. 322


It is a chilly day here in Stalingrad, despite the sun shining brightly.

From my binoculars, I could see the two high points in this sector, but couldn't make out any Soviet presence there yet. Only white blinding snow dominates the area to the west.

I have ordered these poor Landsers to their deaths again. With very minimal force, we're told to take those high grounds. As if gangrene, frostbite, and lice are not enough for us!

The Panzer reinforcements didn't come full force as I requested, we're given only 5 of them, those whitewashed steel creatures. I chatted with the tank commander, he said briskly he won't dash off in front, no reasons given. I wonder if he's a coward, or too experienced?


I see our soldiers advance far in front, black figures against the blinding white. Each step taken is a laborious effort, slogging through this snow.

My compass says southwest. From my binoculars I can't see it yet, but there, is our promised gully, where we will advance under cover. I bet the "K" platoon up ahead can already see it.

I expect nothing but smooth advance through that gully, this is the very least I can give the men. I don't want to see more of them dead.


I turn my gaze to the rear. I see those Machinegunners and Mortar men heaving and tumbling. Poor bastards!

Radioed the tank commander. He must carry those Machinegunners and Mortars. He agreed immediately.


Forward Observer radioed in, asking whether artillery deployment is required this time.

We hunched down, reading the map. Wind is quite strong, the map is flapping wildly. I said to him, the already prepared spots are good enough.

Suddenly I heard automatic shots very far ahead. Raising the binoculars, I could see "K" platoon is still slogging peacefully. Some of them hunkered down, and turning their heads, hearing the gunshots.

I said to my assistant, it must be our southernmost scouts, making contact with the enemy.

But here I thought the southern area is safe!

(to be continued...)
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Old November 15th, 2017, 12:56 AM
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Default Re: "Impossible Orders" - Scenario No. 322

Nice write up however panzers will not be able to carry the mortars. Might be worth sending the mortars along with at least one MMG & scout directly for the Southern Peak.
Can lay supporting fire & hopefully spot firers once you start advancing on the middle, may let panzers operate in centre by helping detect any fire directed their way.
Not played this one.
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Old December 4th, 2017, 08:30 PM

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Default Re: "Impossible Orders" - Scenario No. 322

Great write-up, the plan seems solid. So what's the latest on this "impossible" mission? Tried it a couple times myself with depressing results. Good luck RightDeve!
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