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Old January 27th, 2021, 10:39 AM
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Default 27 January 2022 pass 77 years after KL AUSCHWITZ liberation

27 January 2021 pass 76 years after KL Auschwitz liberation by Soviet Army

There were celebrations on-line only at http://auschwitz.org/en/home-page-76/

I just read this accounts about liberation at http://lekcja.auschwitz.org/en_11_wyzwolenie/ text in English.
There were soldiers of 322nd Rifle Division and they were some fighting with Germans around death camp and inside that wasn't like on WW2 movies were soldiers just open the gates. Meaby this accounts and drawing has same potential for scenario for game.

In fight inside camp died 230 of soviet soldiers from 472 regiment of that division together with their commander colonel Siemen Lwowicz Biesprozwannyj. They are buried on communal cementary in Oświecim.
source in polish http://auschwitz.org/historia/wyzwolenie/wyzwolenie

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Old January 27th, 2022, 11:36 AM
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Pila, North west Poland
Posts: 454
Thanks: 201
Thanked 142 Times in 90 Posts
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Default Re: Today is 76 after KL AUSCHWITZ liberation

Today now are commemorations of 77 years since Auschwitz liberation by Red Army.

Here link to transmision of that event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWJcuWDVgUE

More on their official site http://www.auschwitz.org/en/

And The Final Solution by Sabaton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP4LI3oC1EY

In Poland we especially remeber three persons who were imprisoned in THAT Death camp.

Inmate no.4859 - Witold Pilecki who go there by his own will inside Auschwitz death camp to check for Underground State what happens there and why peoples who goes there disapears. He organised underground resistance network there and plan cordinated attack by partisants units/inmates upraising and with help of allied strategical bombers. Betrayed he organised escape wrote raport for the World. Thanks to his raport in 1943 BBC brodcast list of names of SS soliders especially this who were moust brutal in Camp. Inmates often said that after this day they were really scared and somtimes starts to treat them more "humane" if that is correct word. He fight in Warsaw Upraising
and the rest of his story you can find inside this song

Inmate no.918 - Kazimierz Piechowski
He was a Polish boy scout send to this camp in 1940 he plan escape with fellow inmates and executes this plans in moust brazen way. He together with others in secret opens magazines of SS soliders where they take uniforms and weapons. Then they goes to garages and they stole Steyr 220 cabriolet of death camp Commendant. On famous gate "Arbeit macht frei" thanks to Kazimierz perfect deutsch language he "simply" scream on guards and they open gates to his car. He with the rest drove to the freedom in Commander's car. He fought rest of the war in AK unit and live until 2019 so here is document movie about this gretest escape from Auschwitz with english subtitles with him personnaly.
Propably that was moust "stylish" escape if we call that in this way recent model of Steyr 220 used by high profile officials and new Hugo Boss SS uniforms strait from cleaning
here also the song by Caty Carr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7f8CTau4xc
And note abot this model of car https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steyr_...per,_Steyr_220

Inmate no.16670 - Maximilian Kolbe
He was a Fracisian monk who gave his life in exchange of live of other prisoner Franciszek Gajowniczek in 1941 by his own free will. He was quite colorfull person in prewar Poland he created in that times in 1930's bigest monastic comunity in the World in Niepokalanów close to Warsaw. He was an creator of one of the biggest newspaper in prewar Poland which he prints in monastery. He was involved in creation of Radio brodcast also from his site and even shortly before war was related to first TV experiments in 1938. In 1930's he also goes on misions to Japan in... Nagasaki (yes that city) where he also created a monastry which surrived by miracle atomic bombing and is there until today together with bigest christian community in Japan. His both creations still existing and he became saint marytyr in 1982 in thanks for his scrifice.

Trailer of movie about his life "Two Crowns" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkGdjqMkFec
Famous scene of selection to Death
Document 8min about his life
And short fabular movie "Niepospolita" 21min which also included scenes with Fr. Kolbe how my looks like in 1939 shortly before war with his big industrial printing enterprise.
His Japan legacy in Nagasaki today

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auschwitz, death camp

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