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Old April 30th, 2011, 11:21 AM
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Default Ulm: Order of the Black Rose v0.301b

This is a re-conceptualizing of nation MA Ulm. The motivations and concept behind the mod can be found here: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Dom3mods/...?showtopic=399

This mod is primarily intended for use with CBM. A .dm file is included which contains all of CBM 1.84 (except as altered by the mod) and all of Ulm: Order of the Black Rose v0.28b. This does overwrite Ulm: Forges of Ulm in MA.

There is also a separate .dm file for anyone who wishes to run this in vanilla. The only differences from CBM are the armor rebalancing. Everything else has been incorporated directly into the mod, including heroes from WH 1.9.

New .dm file included: MC version of Ulm Black Rose. This should basically be a total copy of Ulm with the modifications, so you can play vanilla Ulm and Black Rose Ulm in the same game. Not sure why you'd want to... The purpose of this .dm is to provide a Mod Compatible version of the mod (see the Mod Compatibility Project), for which it couldn't overwrite a vanilla nation, even if it is intended to.

If you want a quick glance at all the new units, there is a commented out 'test' section at the bottom of the non-CBM .dm. Just replace -- with # in front of all the relevant commands to make all the units recruitable in your forts. (Do note that without CBM armors may behave differently).

All the new national spells are in Alteration, Construction, or Enchantment.

NOTE: The Inner Circle of the Black Rose pretender is the only way to get access to Agents of the Black Rose and Fanatics of the Black Rose. These become spies and assassins respectively when the Ordain Covert Operative ritual is cast on them. Recommend taking Dom10 with this pretender if you want to try it out.

This is a beta.
--A few units are still using placeholder graphics: Inner Circle of the Black Rose pretender.
--There are some things i'm intending to implement but haven't done yet, including 3 more nation specific pretenders and possibly 1 more national spell.
--All stats, spell research requirements, and gem costs are variously tentative. Comments welcome.

Sprite previews attached below as well as a .rar with a graphics folder, a stand alone .dm, and a combined mod+CBM 1.84 .dm. Do note only Ulm: Order of the Black Rose sprites are included, so if you don't have CBM you will need to download the regular CBM mod to get its image files. Sprite preview does not include a few sprites. When i've finished tinkering with pretenders i'll create a final sprite preview.

Modding is of course impossible without some help. The following people deserve some thanks:
QM - creating and maintaining CBM
Llamabeast - writing and beautifully commenting the Drain spell which i've incorporated into the mod proper.
Sombre - a font of knowledge when it comes to all things mod-related
Iainuki - feedback on alpha version of mod
Burnsaber - maintaining Worthy Heroes, whose heroes have been incorporated into the mod directly.
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Ulm: Order of the Black Rose - Reimagining MA Ulm

A more Sombre forum: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Dom3mods/index.php?.act=idx. Now with more Maerlande.

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