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Old May 30th, 2022, 08:57 AM

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Default Couple of questions...

1. Why "undo" button seems not to be active? I have noticed couple times as I tried move tank. It went to wrong hex and I tried to return it with "undo" button. Enemy not fired that tank but still nothing happened. Some bug or what?

2. At first I push "clear" button to see situation of my tanks. Then I move one tank icon. Smoke/dust trails come back immediately... Is this made by purpose? Could it be possible to make "clear" state effect longer until I press "clear" again? Now it's bit hard to check situation of every icons after enemy's artillery focus as smoke cover all icons...

Btw thanks about newest updates!

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Old May 30th, 2022, 09:54 AM
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Exclamation Re: Couple of questions...

  1. Undo only works if you are not observed by the enemy. ( that is "SP101" that goes back decades) Therefore you were under observation and in cases like that, there is no "oops" undo.
  2. When smoke/dust is cleared to view the map it stays that way until a unit is moved or a unit fires that generate more smoke/dust. That is the way it works. It does not re-appear until more is generated after pressing clear and if smoke/dust is shown in one hex it shows on every hex that has it. That's been that way for years as well

If you find you are constantly reacting to your enemy's tactics instead forcing the enemy to react to yours, you are losing the battle....
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Old May 30th, 2022, 10:21 AM
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Default Re: Couple of questions...

1) as above - if you get spotted, spot a new enemy, or get shot at, Or an enemy unit assaulted you then you cannot undo a move.

Also, not allowed in a PBEM game. That stops "recce by move then undo umpteen times" - we let you do that versus the AI if you want to, its up to your own conscience.

Also - if you turned the unit (or its turret) at the terminal hex then that cancels the undo for any movement it just did since a turn to face is a new spotting event i.e. a search for enemies. (turns the thing made in the movement to folow roads etc. dont count, its if you yourself try to face a new direction at the end of the movement that cancels move undo as the turn to face.spot is a new movement event of itself)

Also - IIRC, an "All" group move cannot be undone either (using A key).

The undo really has to be done immediately as an OOPsie! to be effective. If you do other stuff and return to the unit, you probably wont be able to undo.

2) Units can leave rooster trails of smoke.dust in certain conditions of high visibility especially on desert maps. Sometimes it is just movement on earth roads in green terrain.
IIRC, that is another thing that cancels undo move since you cannot undo if you made new smoke puff in a hex.
The rooster trail generation will undo the clear smoke action since any new smoke or fire flips the flag back on.
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