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Old March 18th, 2014, 07:39 PM
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Default NEW__WinSPWW2v7.11_(2014)_Upgrade

WinSPWW2 version 7.11 Upgrade patch
31.2 MB
12 New Scenarios
63 Revised Scenarios
2 New Campaigns
6 Revised Campaigns
40 Revised Campaign files
1 New Map
1 New Sound file
1,250 New or revised Photos
67 New or Revised Icons
36 Updated OOB files
12 Revised Icon Graphic files
10 New or Revised Text files
Upgraded Game Options
Upgraded MOBHack
Upgraded Cost Calculator
Upgraded ScenHack
Upgraded Camo Map Editor

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Please note: The WinSPWW2v7.11_(2014)_Upgrade patch that is currently available to download replaces the original winSPWW2 version 7.0 patch that had a bug with the visibility change button in the view map screen that caused it to be disconnected from the code that made it work. We re-issued the patch as version 7.1 at the end of March 2014. Recently it was discovered that a line of code for display of the higher resolutions---mainly 1600x1200 but sometimes 1280x1040 as well to be "clipped" and not display properly and this is what the 7.11 version of the 2014 patch resolves that is now available-------however please note this bug does NOT affect the "Desktop" resolution available to extended version (CD) holders. If you are running the DL version of the game there is no need to DL and install the newest version of the 2014 patch as none of the issues affect the DL version and the OOB's are unchanged so there is no affect on secure PBEM. Owners of the extended (CD) version should DL the 7.11 version if they plan to run the game in a resolution other than desktop or if they have the 7.0 version and want to use the change visibility function of the view map screen.

We apologize for this inconvenience

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

All 15 levels of terrain are now represented by different colours on the mini map. Previously only the first 10 levels were with level 11-15 the same colour as level 10

MOBHack has been improved to work with most of the commonly used integrated database checks. For example, if you select "Unit Checks" and " Find units *" and you, for example, clicked on 01- Infantry you would see a message to the right that reads " Searching for Units of class 1 Infantry" and under that would be a list of units that use that unit class. In the past you would then have to open MOBHack manually and scroll to the unit you were interested in. Now you can click on that unit in the database and it will automatically set MOBHack to that unit ( or formation if you select formation checks..... the tabs marked with an asterix ( * ) will do this

MOBHack now has a "paste icons only" check box to allow pasting of only the 3 icon fields from the paste buffer.

Units of class 180 Artillery Prime Mover will now offer crew protection if the front armour is >0

A bug was fixed in the AAA reaction fires routines if weapon 1 is turned off or damaged. This mainly affected dual gun/SAM systems in MBT

AAA gun accuracy has been reduced at long ranges (>50% range) Non specialist AAA units with warhead 1 weapons ( AAMGs ) are also less effective (at ranges >5. Specialists with radar control are not particularly effected (>85% range)
Rifle fire base hit chance has been reduced slightly at ranges of 6+ hexes and Self-Loading Rifle type weapons chance to hit has been increased slightly. SMG to-hit chance at 2 hexes or less has been increased slightly. This code was already in WW2 is now applied to MBT as well. An "assault rifle" is treated as an SMG at 2 hexes or less, and as an SLR at 3+ hexes. In addition, sections with more than 13 men have an additional to-hit based on the excess remaining men over 13 for any infantry prime class weapons. This code was also already in WW2, but is now applied to MBT as well. None of the above apply to indirect fires - only to aimed direct fires. In these examples a "Rifle" is an Infantry primary class (weapon class 1) weapon with a HEKILL =1 and a range >4. An SLR is a Infantry primary weapon class (weapon class 1) with HEKILL>1 and range >3. An "Assault Rifle" is an Infantry primary weapon with HEKILL of 3+ and range 5+ and a SMG is a Infantry primary weapon with HEKILL of 5 or more and range <4 hexes.

The Italian Long Campaign end date has been extended to 9/43 with Germany added as a possible opponent in that last month. The Balkans option now runs from 10/40 to 4/41. During the time period 10/40-3/41 the "Balkan" opponent is Greece and in 4/41 it is Yugoslavia. Eastern Front is now available only from 9/41 to 5/43.

AAA was withholding fire till targets were close and if % to hit was under 10%. This has been adjusted so they fire more freely at such targets now.

128 pages of suggested OOB changes and/or corrections have been reviewed , researched and applied to the game along with a number of changes we made to enhance OOB accuracy and / or completeness. A number of OOB's have had extensive work done and all game scenarios and campaigns have been corrected keeping them in sync with the new OOB's

Extended features ( CD ) version only additions

  • A larger text option has been included for the extended features version only. This uses a new font we developed for many of the screens that makes them easier to read in many cases. This new feature can be switched on or off though GameOptions / Misc and needs to be turned on manually by the player. The spin off effect of this was many screens needed slight adjustments to allow both the old and new font to work equally well which lead to further adjustments that balance text display better in either mode
  • We have added a programmed barrage option for owners of the extended features ( CD ) version. This new feature is only available as a pre first turn set-up option so is only available when the player is advancing or assaulting . It can be set up to start at any time from initial bombardment to the limit of the turns set for that battle. Programming is easy. Assume for this example you want to set up an pre game bombardment with any number of guns that would deliver artillery just in front of a planned advance. You would choose the hex you want to start the bombardment just as you normally would then , once that was done you would advance the Artillery bombardment turn button ( the one with the large + ) to the next turn you wanted bombardment from that gun to land. It could be the next turn or it could be any number of turns in advance. When you click on the map for the next bombardment hex the first one you placed will disappear but be assured it has not been lost. You can continue on for as many turns as the guns have ammo for and it can be used by scenario designers as well. The AI will will sometimes use this feature in the attack and assault in the extended features version.
Please note that once a pre-planned bombardment has been set it cannot be stopped until complete, and any guns assigned on a programmed task are not available to the player until their part of any programme is complete but the entire programme may be cancelled by pressing the "cancel Programme" button on the bombardment screen. This button is provided to free game users as well, since they may want to do so in a scenario with an advanced programme that was made by a CD owner. The cancel bombardment button is also the only way to clear any programme you are creating (in the setup turn 0 of an advance or assault, or in the scenario editor) - it's all or nothing. Therefore plan your programme and plot it with care as this is the only way to cure a mistake!.

  • General support and direct support artillery now have a bit more delay when adjusting fire due to the longer communications delay with their HQs
  • Full map editor functionality is now made available on the "View Map" Screen, for any desired tailored tweaks of a randomly generated map for the extended features version only.
As usual we remind everyone that on going secure PBEM games WILL fail if this patch is applied while they are being played.

PLEASE NOTE. Both Andy and I are taking a sabbatical from the game and development after this patch is released. We are NOT giving up on the games but we both feel that we need some extended time away from them. It may not be obvious to some but each one of these patches require hundreds of hours to prepare and we have been doing that nearly every year, sometimes twice a year, since 1998 and for both games since 2001. This last year game development and patch preparation have also competed for time related to both personal and family heath issues which left us both on the verge of burn out so we are not planning on releasing another patch in the spring of 2015 which has been the usual pattern for the past few years. Therefore, we will be monitoring the forums to answer questions but not on a daily basis. We encourage players to report any problems they may find with the game but massive re-writes of the OOB's will NOT be recorded for investigation as has been Standard Operation Procedure for over the last decade and a half. Anyone feeling an OOB needs to be re-written can do so themselves and post them to the MODs forum and if the changes are fully documented and acceptable to us then we may use some or all of them in the future to update the official OOB's.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported development of the games by purchasing the Extended Versions and to everyone who may do so in the future.


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Old March 19th, 2014, 01:16 AM

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Default Re: WinSPWW2v7_(2014)_Upgrade

Very very BIG ThankYou!

Your works really great and you've more than deserved a pause!
Old March 19th, 2014, 03:27 PM

Griefbringer Griefbringer is offline
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Default Re: WinSPWW2v7_(2014)_Upgrade

Sounds promising!

Hopefully I will soon manage to get some more free time so I will be better able to enjoy the new release when it comes out.
Old March 19th, 2014, 06:20 PM
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Default Re: WinSPWW2v7_(2014)_Upgrade

Wow thank so much Don and Andy (and everyone else)! But a giant thank you do Andy and Don you guys have given me so many hours of enjoyment from the old DOS 2.0 game up through Windows XP and Windows 7!

You guys are simply the best and deserve a well earned sabbatical and rest. But please come back in 2016.

Again, I have played this game from you guys since the old DOS days and have been playing it ever since and when you switched to winSPWW2.

You two are of war game programming
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Old March 20th, 2014, 10:23 AM

zastava128 zastava128 is offline
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Thumbs up Re: WinSPWW2v7_(2014)_Upgrade

Thank you Don and Andy for all the effort you put into producing what is - and I say this without hyperbole - the most realistic and playable tactical wargame ever made. Enjoy your well-deserved break and hope to see you back in 2016 or whenever you feel like continuing.
Old March 21st, 2014, 04:20 AM

glaude1955 glaude1955 is offline
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Default Re: WinSPWW2v7_(2014)_Upgrade

A big thank you for all these wonderful years you have offered to wargamers.
you deserved to relax.

Un grand merci pour toutes ces merveilleuse annèes que vous avez offertes aux wargamers.
Vous avez bien mérité de vous reposer
Old March 21st, 2014, 09:16 PM

dwbennett dwbennett is offline
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Default Re: WinSPWW2v7_(2014)_Upgrade

Don and Andy, Thanks for the Map Edit button. I do appreciate it. Also, thanks for the fantastic games and your dedication to perfecting them. Your work is greatly appreciated by everyone.

I know all about needing to get away and decompress. Take your time. Recharge and come back ready to go.

Thanks again,

Don Bennett
Old March 22nd, 2014, 04:52 AM

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Default Re: WinSPWW2v7_(2014)_Upgrade

Thanks for all your hard work over the years Andy and Don. I am sure there are numerous people like me who only occasionally show up here on the forums, but still appreciate the game that you have created. I wasn't really surprised by your announcement, since bringing these great patches to us gamers really takes alot of effort.

Take your well-deserved break and when you feel like coming back the community will surely be here. That being said, I cannot wait for the new patch! THANK YOU again.

Cpl. Badger
Old March 22nd, 2014, 05:03 PM

Andrew.Hope Andrew.Hope is offline
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Default Re: WinSPWW2v7_(2014)_Upgrade

Beautiful! I've done a lot of drugs and none of them are more addicting than winSPWW2. Eagerly awaiting the patch, thanks for your time and effort.
Old March 22nd, 2014, 06:48 PM

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Default Re: WinSPWW2v7_(2014)_Upgrade

Thank you for your effort to go through all these suggestions posted by accuracy freaks

(and if there were too much or incomprehensible)

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