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Old June 3rd, 2021, 09:18 AM
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Default Re: British OOB7 corrections/suggestions (v.6)

Originally Posted by zovs66 View Post
Personally I don't mind the SS VH Objective flags, no different really that seeing the Communist Soviet VH Objective flags. Every time someone objects to having SS runes or 3rd Reich swastikas' flags, they never ever complain about the Soviet Communist flags. Both were murderous regimes, but I'd wager that the Communist were more ruthless and murderous and for longer than the Nazi's.

EXACTLY RIGHT. We added the ability to swap in ID tags and V hex markers to allow some personalization to scenarios. The SS runes were the last one added as I knew as the sun rises that SOMEBODY at some point would get their knickers in a knot about it but as you say....NOBODY ever suggests we remove the hammer and cycle but I figured if someone was going to complain about the runes it would be someone who uses the German cross set of tags we include and I actually never considered someone would say " What's wrong with just the normal Third Reich flag?" ( just saying THAT in the wrong place could get you in trouble ). There is nothing "wrong" with it just as there is nothing "wrong" with the Flag of the Soviet Union or the Chinese Communist flag even though those two are together responsible for 3x the number of deaths as Nazi Germany. They are part of history and on one hand we are chided for putting red stars on the wings of Soviet aircraft ( and YES I am WELL AWARE that was generally not done during the war years ) but OTOH are criticized for including SS runes for use with SS units in the game.

We include the USMC flag but no one has ever suggested that's a problem and when the next update is released there will be an optional Imperial Japanese ID tag and V hex marker and there a places in Asia that have issues with what that flag represents in their history.

So on one hand we don't have the level of accuracy some think we should have and OTOH have what some consider inappropriate levels of accuracy in other areas. We can't win. There are places the Israeli flag offends but no one suggests we remove it. There are places the Union Jack offends but no one suggests we remove it... With nearly 8 Billion people it's IMPOSSIBLE to not offend someone about something somewhere
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Old June 3rd, 2021, 05:14 PM

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Default Re: British OOB7 corrections/suggestions (v.6)

Folks, I understand and appreciate, that Don makes a tremendous work with the games, but I just suggest some tweaks, which might improve historic accuracy and usually don't demand creating new icons, changing formations etc.
Sorry, I admit I'm quite addicted to improving accuracy in many fields. I started from writing notes on book margins, now I have improvable media like Steel Panthers (which luckilly is being developed by a a group of devoted staff) and Wikipedia
If you don't want to bother, just ignore. But something might be considered as worthy.

Originally Posted by Karagin View Post
Keep at it, ignore the crazies, you guys have done more with this than anyone thought possible.

Originally Posted by zovs66 View Post
Don just ignore all this drivel it’s just useless nitpicking by two folks, every post by these two as soon as I see a gal zillion letters I just scroll by and don’t even bother.
So do scroll, if you have nothing to say on the subject...
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Old June 4th, 2021, 04:35 PM
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Talking Re: British OOB7 corrections/suggestions (v.6)

In subject of Swastikas, SS runes etc. Is possible to have official blessing to use THOSE symbols in our game since 2018.

Since beginning of SPWW2 there was a additional shp files folder because German law were strict and don't allow THOSE symbols in any form in video games even in historical context.

But since 2018 German law makers made an exception for video games if follow this procedure
  1. game is registered in USK
  2. Authors of the game will register game in their system and ask about permission to use Hitlers symbols.
  3. Permission isn't automatically. E-mail starts a discussion and this organisation will ask about context of the game and why authors want to use this symbols?
  4. If they will be happy with answers. Use of THOSE will be well explained they can give official permission to use them without fear in distribution of game on territories and dependencies of German Federal Republic .

So if main authors will be interested WinSPWW2 can have official German government blessing and use swastikas without fear and remove this folder which was created because stupid law case related with Wolfenstein 3D.
Game will probably have after this procedure such age symboldon't know which age rating will be for game with THOSE symbols but propably somewhere from higher numbers.

Here articles about change of german law in 2018 in context of video games

And here USK [Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle] institution where game must be classified and then is possible to ask about blessing.

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Old June 14th, 2021, 08:56 AM
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Default Re: British OOB7 corrections/suggestions (v.6)

Błażej. The game stays as it is with the additional shp files folder. We are NOT going to ask anyone for official permission or their "blessing" to do what we have been doing for over two decades.

With the additional shp files folder, anyone who DOES prefer to use the Cross rather than the Hakenkreuz has that option so the folder will remain. Besides, there is no real way to remove the folder that is already in thousands of computers...nor do we have any desire to
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