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Old May 3rd, 2007, 10:05 AM

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Default CHAOS in Kartogia

<News brief from PBW game>

This is Patrick Ramsey from the Sirus News Agency reporting live from the hospital ship ISN Vega currently located

near the Warp Point in Katogia that leads towards Arakang.

Early this morning, the Sirus Republic was attacked by the forces of the Animated Snowmen. The details are still

coming in but it is clear that scores have been killed in this unprovoked and surprise assault. What we do know is

a single large ship emerged from the warp point and began its assault by attacking local space vessels. We have a

recording from a patrol vessel, can we play that?

<Begin Voice Playback>

ISN Omni: Kartogia Control, this is the Omni, we are currently seeing elevated energy reading from the warp point

suggesting an incoming vessel. I was not aware of any incoming ships today, can you confirm?

KC: Omni, there are no scheduled ships, go to red alert and take defensive positions. Be advised that Alpha Wing

(fighter detachment) is currently on maneuvers. I am redirecting them to you.

ISN Omni: Roger that, KC.

ISN Omni: This is the Omni to Patrol Group 5, go to red alert and take up defensive positions around the warp


ISN Omni to bridge crew: Alright guys, here we go. Arm the missiles and take your battle stations.

ISN Omni: KC, We have Warp opening. I don't see, wait there it is. Holy $%*&, it's huge! It looks like, yes, it

has Snowmen markings on it. <From the Omni Background> Fighters! I am detecting numerous fighter launching from the

Snowmen vessel!

<End Voice Playback>

We will have more of the recording for you soon. We have some more details coming in about the attack. We can confirm that several ISN ships were destroyed in the attack. We do not have a list yet as ISN command wants to notify the families first. So far there is no word on the status of the Snowmen ship. It is very difficult to get close to the Warp Point due to debris and ISN vessels engaging in rescue operations.

Lets go ExoPolitical-Analyst Avery Haem.

Ramsey: Avery, your an expert in inter-species relations and politics correct?

Haem: That is correct. I am an adviser for the Aegis administration on all alien affairs.

Ramsey: What could have provoked this horrible act of violence?

Haem: The issue is complex Patrick. We don't know a whole lot about the snowmen except that they are a hostile species. I and other in the administration have tried to work out treaties with them in the past but have only been met delays and veiled threats. They also insisted that we were a species called Terran. It was obvious that they had issues with this species but we are not Terran.

Ramsey: So your saying we were attacked because we look like someone?

Haem: Possibly, the only one who really knows are the Snowmen. Another sign of their hostility is that they are at war with the newly contact Banana Republic. We do not yet know much about that species though.

Ramsey: What about the Eris Federation? The snowmen ships had to go through them to get to us. I thought we were on friendly terms with them?

Haem: We all thought we were on friendly terms with them. I know the President is trying to contact Eris for an explanation.

Ramsey: Thank you for your time Avery. We will be right back with more coverage.
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