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Old January 8th, 2020, 06:01 AM
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Post Happy New Year!
Press Release Teaser: Begin 2020 with Shrapnel Games' Savings!   

Happy New Year!
Begin 2020 with Shrapnel Games' Savings!

Wilmington, NC, 8 January 2020

The holidays are over, the grind is back in full swing, and January is looking to be its usual bleak self. Time to settle in and enjoy the playing the very best in independent strategy and just plain awesome titles from Shrapnel Games. And to help get you started, from January 8 thru January 21 all our in-stock titles are being discounted!

Save $12.00 on:

Air Command 3.0. Originally titled Hair Command and featuring six different styles of hair, the name was later changed and from it was born the air traffic control game everyone knows and loves today.

Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa - Who doesn't like to kill monsters and take their loot? Dungeon crawl your way to killing lots of creatures whose only crime is wanting to kill you first. Then whip up your own adventures.

Save $8.00 on:

Bronze - A game of conquest in the ancient world featuring several distinct and historically accurate civilizations. It is not what you would expect from such a game though, instead choosing a path of innovation and creativity. In this puzzle/strategy title enjoy battling for supremacy in Mesopotamia in campaigns, quick matches, and the ultimate play mode - survival. Games are playable in minutes, and with its Eurogame-like feel Bronze will appeal to a wide variety of strategy gamers. Forget heading down to the local coffee shop to get your tile placing fix when you can do it all in the comfort of your own home.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War - The story of what happens when an angry kitty eats the leader of the DPRK. Total warfare on the peninsula in this intense real-time strategy game of modern warfare.

World Supremacy - From the developer behind the best selling Space Empires series comes World Supremacy, the game of modern world domination. Part Axis and Allies, part Superpowers, and all amazing, World Supremacy allows up to eight players to battle for control of a randomly created world using contemporary weapons of war. Take the fight to your opponents using armor, helicopters, attack submarines, nuclear bombs, and more. A simple research tree and basic economic model add to your strategies. With player controlled starting variables, map randomization, and full modding capabilities, World Supremacy offers quite a bang for the buck.

Save $7.00 on:

Air Assault Task Force - Whup whup whup whup whup. "How can you shoot women and children?" "Easy, you just don't lead them so much!" Who doesn't like helicopters? Even better, helicopters swooping out of the sky and creating havoc? From Vietnam to Afghanistan, airmobile operations in this realistic wargame.

Approaching Infinity - A game of infinite intergalactic exploration and adventure. A rogue-like game set amongst the stars. Did we say infinite playability?

The Falklands War: 1982 - After the great Polar Bear/Penguin Conflict, which sent the penguins into exile to the south Pole, they soon learned they couldn't get a break as their peaceful island homes were overrun by sheep and British paras. Who dares wins? Why, you do, in this exciting game of one of the most undergamed modern conflicts.

The Star and the Crescent - Sure, maybe you'd like to see peace in the Middle East but peace doesn't sell in wargames, which is why no one plays The Reconstruction of Europe Post World War Two. The Star and the Crescent covers historical and hypothetical wargaming between the Arabs and Israelis.

Save $6.00 on:

ATF: Armored Task Force - Featuring tanks, tanks, and more tanks. Globe trotting fun in which yes, you blow the crap out of the enemy. Does an excellent job of reminding oneself of the little pleasures in life.

BCT Commander - Combined arms warfare at a brigade/regimental level around the world using ProSIM's trademark command time gameplay. Gamespot called it "outstanding", Computer Games Magazine awarded it 4 out of 5 stars and we say, 'how cool is that!'

War Plan Pacific - Command fleets, air groups, and amphib assaults! Featuring multiple victory conditions, not to mention a slew of fatalities and secret endings, this is THE Pacific game to have on your on your hard drive.

Save $5.00 on:

Battle Group Commander: Episode One - Another fantastic ProSIM title featuring a British Battle Group facing off against Soviets. Episode One is a mini-game from ProSIM, focusing on four scenarios that boast a high level of replayability. While it may be a mini-game you can count on all the bells and whistles beneath the hood that ProSIM is known for.

winSPMBT Enhanced Edition - Classic wargaming is not dead! Hundreds of scenarios and endless tactics provide players with a game of infinite possibilities, only matched by its companion title, winSPWW2.

winSPWW2 Enhanced Edition - Do you dream of hexes? The ultimate turn-based tactical computer wargame, winSPWW2 is every wargamer's desire. Covering not only the Second World War but the years leading up to it, winSPWW2 (based on the classic Steel Panthers series) features literally hundreds of scenarios, and about every piece of important hardware that saw action, or could have, during the '30s and '40s. Campaigns, random battles, multiplayer, and the ability to create your own scenarios ensures this is one game that keeps on giving and giving.

Remember the sale prices are in effect until January 21st! For more information on any of the games, including checking out demos, be sure to stop by www.shrapnelgames.com and view our complete catalog. There you'll find full details on the individual titles, bonus items, and links to purchase.

Since 1999 Shrapnel Games has been delivering the very best in independent gaming. Check out the best in strategy gaming.

Remember, the sale lasts through January 21st! Order your favorite games here: http://www.gamersfront.com/store/jan...ale_event.html
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