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Old August 25th, 2011, 12:41 PM

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Default Starscape Episode 8

After 5 long years, the Starscape series is back! Most of the old players have returned to reprise their roles in the next episode of the Starscape series. We are seeking new players to join us in this adventure.

Starscape is a Space Empires IV mod that is very different from any other mods you might have tried. Firstly, Starscape doesn't work in single player. It only really works in the context of the official games that are run by me. The mod is more of a framework and tool set for a gamemaster to use to provide a kind of game that is very deep and unique. Each game of starscape is hand-built to provide the players with a kind of narrative sandbox. Each player shapes their part of the story and the interaction of these stories (with the gamemaster's help) forms a much more intricate and dynamic experience than what you might otherwise expect. It's difficult to describe Starscape in words, you really have to play it to find out. And this is your chance.

To sign up, download the mod from the Starscape website: http://www.inficad.com/~shadowstar/N.../Starscape.htm
Then, create a race in the mod. You may see alot of odd abilities when creating your race. Just ignore these. If you do select them, it won't matter anyway. Once your race is created, email it to the gamemaster (email address is on the site), along with your race password.

Each game occurs on a custom map that is hand-tailored from a basic randomized one.

Turns usually run once a day, but this varies to accomodate the players. The turn will run when all players have their turns in or when they vote to skip a player who is inactive. If you need to be inactive for a while, notify the GM to prevent any possible slowdowns, and the GM can usually work out something for you.

Also, the game's official thread is at spaceempires.net, but I will be monitoring this thread as well, so feel free to ask any questions if you have them. If you need to get ahold of me right away, feel free to email me at the address you can find on the Starscape website.
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