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Old March 11th, 2008, 09:38 PM

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Default Re: Dawn - The race to Zezzis


Zezzis system
Onboard CDS Southampton

Captain Harrison was still wary. The Sithrak frigate had warped out of the system much like the Sergetti fleet did earlier. The Phong had colonized the second rock world in the system. The fact that four separate empires either had colonies or had ships in Zezzis was an almost certain scenario for something bad to happen. Over the communication channels, the Sergetti made the first move.

“We are planning a massive offensive in the Zezzis system. Remove your ships or they will get damaged.”

Harrison couldn’t be sure if the message was sent to all ships, or just the Dawn ships in the system. His briefing showed the Sergetti at war with the Cue Cappa, and also with the Sithrak. And they were both in this system. That couldn’t work out too well. He was also still waiting on whether the empire wanted to try and blockade Zezzis XII, which was the huge ice planet with oxygen atmosphere. He had to find out.

“Mister Davis, still no word from the Navy on Zezzis XII?”

The communication officer shook his head.

“No sir. Nothing yet.”

“Very well, Davis. Resend the message and add…”

“Captain! On the sensor display sir!”

The sensor officer interrupted Harrison’s message and they both looked at the new frigate in the system.

The Norakians were now the fifth empire now in Zezzis. Their frigate had interspersed itself between the Toronto and Artemis guarding Zezzis V with its advanced technology and Southampton. Harrison had read the intelligence dispatches about the Norakians being the prime suspect in the intelligence leaks of this past year.

“That’s not all, sir. Look at Zezzis XII again.”

Harrison zoomed on the planet, and saw them. Forty fighters were orbiting the planet. They were too late.
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