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Old November 7th, 2011, 11:55 AM
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Default Historical Battle - Febriary 43th near Kharkov...

I am looking for a historic battle enemy who would like to play as Red Army:

Red Army vs Wehrmacht

February, 1943rd , south of Kharkov , part of the front of 3d TA. Individual units of 320th Infantry Division break out of encirclement, throwing a heavy weapon. Stop and eliminate the enemy should be part of the erupting 201th Tank Brigade and the 8th Cavalry Division of the 6th Guards Cavalry Corps.

I must say that the battle was created about a month ago, I do not remember details - for example the number of air strikes for the Red Army.


The goal for the Germans - to move forward troops to the west. In the event of enemy units occupy an advantageous position for the accumulation of forces and further breakthroughs in points:
1 - North Grove
2 - starting position in front of the station ravine "scar" and a dried creek
3 - forest belt
4 - under favorable conditions to cross the road to the south of the station.
The goal for the Red Army - not to allow the Germans to occupy an advantageous position and destroy the enemy.

Terms and conditions:
All arty are on-MAP (150% efficiency)

The Germans had no air support, heavy weapons (field (infantry) gun only to 75mm, 75mm to AT horse-drawn) pioneers, the SS or cavalry - only infantry + sapper units armed with flamethrowers, machine guns, mortars, without air support , but exceeding the Soviet army in 2 times eager to west

Soviet troops represent a Guard cavalry (meaning and footguards, no skiers, marines, engineers, and others) + Lend Lease tanks (in the 201 Tank Brigade was at the time of Matilda and Valentine + SMG company), art Divisional to 122 mm, AT is not present, there are up to 82mm mortars, inclusive, air support, not engineers. There is support for ground-attack aircraft. Otherwise, no restrictions. Units size zero allowed to not more then one per company (those that are part of the company are not included)

The battle has already been created, the card is ready. I play for the Germans, the flags are placed, the cost of one - 200 points. The advantage of the Germans - in quantity. Russian - in the best equipment and mobility (cavalry, tanks and motorized infantry).

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