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Old April 6th, 2022, 08:49 PM

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Default Russian BTG composition

I tried to find a good general description of Motor Rifle or Mech Battalon Tactical groups. Here are two edited sumnmaries of equipment as used in UKR 2022. They seem lacking in enough infantry to really protect the armor. Also, as the BTGs have over 100 vehicles, that's 100 drivers not ready for ground pounding and grunt work. URLs for the organizations are under the two lists. Global Security is an authority cite, but two tank companies seems very unbalanced. Forbes is a business publication, so they can probably pay their researchers. ;-)

Battalion tactical groups in motorized rifle brigades consist of a motorized rifle battalion,(three companies); two tank companies(?);self-propelled med.artillery battalion; artillery battery of a reactive artillery battalion; an ATGM platoon of an anti-tank artillery battalion; artillery reconnaissance department of the control battery and artillery reconnaissance (chief of artillery); control and radar reconnaissance platoon of the head of the air defense brigade; anti-aircraft missile battery of the anti-aircraft missile division; anti-aircraft missile platoon of MANPADS of an anti-aircraft division; reconnaissance company, two short-range UAV crews of the reconnaissance battalion; a sniper platoon of a sniper company; engineer platoon, obstacle platoon, heavy mechanized bridge section of the engineer battalion; flamethrower platoon of the RCB protection company; EW maneuvering group of the EW company; communications battalion communications company; the commandant's platoon of the commandant's company, an evacuation platoon (armored vehicles) of the repair and restoration battalion, two automobile platoons (carriage of ammunition and fuel) of the material support battalion; evacuation department of the medical company.
Such a unit is responsible for the area up to 10 km deep. For the period of conducting a defensive battle, a combat position of 5-8 km in size along the front and up to 5 km in depth can be assigned. According to rough estimates, the range of advance of Russian battalion groups is 250 km. a larger scale operation by the RF Armed Forces cannot be done without large-scale logistical preparation
one tank company of ten tanks

A BTG has one tank company of ten tanks,
three infantry companies, one company with ten BMP tracked infantry vehicles plus two of ten BTR wheeled personnel carriers
40 fighting vehicles total
one platoon of three light armored vehicles w/automatic grenade launchers,
support platoon with five anti-tank vehicles.
Also six 152mm self-propelled guns,

two batteries of three grad rocket launchers with reload vehicles x1 truck per individual launcher reload

two batteries of three 120mm heavy mortars

three personnel carriers carrying teams with man-portable missiles

two batteries of three light mobile surface-to-air missile launchers with their attendant radar and control vehicles.
Add a mech reconnaissance platoon, a recovery unit with five tracked vehicles for broken-down armor, plus three command and headquarters vehicles,
total number of armored vehicles in the BTG is around 85. The numbers may vary because some have self-propelled mortars and artillery while others have older weapons towed by trucks.
In addition to its armor, the BTG support train, with 11 ammunition trucks, five tankers for POL, four battlefield ambulances and five maintenance and repair vehicles. The total typically comes to 57 unarmored vehicles.
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