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Old August 28th, 2008, 02:13 AM
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Default The Mod List

This thread is a rework of Sombre's original and magnificent mod list. Due to the forum change, the old mod list cannot be edited without a great deal of trouble because it exceeds the forum limit for characters per post. Updating the links cut down the length from 49,000 to 39,000, which is still 14,000 over the limit before adding any new content. So the new mod list sticky will function on the same basis as the Bug Shortlist and the Modding Wishes Shortlist. This thread will have the posts that list different mods and modding utilities and discussion of the mod list should happen in the old thread, which is perfectly suitable for that purpose.

All the links here will take the reader to the original thread(s) where the mod was posted and discussed. All links have been updated to the new forum format. As per the mandate of the original thread:

Originally Posted by Sombre
The purpose of this thread is to (eventually) create a list of all the available dom3 mods, linking to the original thread.
The original Mod List thread is here. Use it for discussion of the new mod list.

This first post will contain the table of contents for this thread and the following posts will contain the links to mods and other utilities.



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Old August 28th, 2008, 02:16 AM
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Default Modding Resources & Utilities


The purpose of this section is to gather up some of the most useful tools, resources and threads for modders new and old alike. If you don't mod, this stuff is unlikely to be of much interest to you.

Dom3 DB v3.23b by Edi. A list of nearly everything in Dominions 3 EXCEPT spells.
Unofficial Modding Manual - Amos Version by Edi
Spell Modding Guide by DrPrateorious
Code Diving: A detailed list of spells and sites in 3.10
No Indies (NI) Map Generator
Unit sprites v3.10. by EricM
Unit sprites v3.14, not including the v3.10 sprites (contains sprites of units added between 3.10 and 3.14. by EricM
Unit sprites v3.17. by EricM
Complete list of fly sprites (Also included in Dom3 DB)
DomBAK Utility by das123

Mod Nation Playing Guides This thread was made so people could post guides for various mod nations they have played.

Last edited by Edi; April 18th, 2010 at 09:27 AM.. Reason: removed CBM mod nations, project has been abandoned
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Old August 28th, 2008, 02:19 AM
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Default Re: The Mod List


Name: Sound Pack
Type: Sounds
Author: Ballbarian
Desc: Replaces some of the more annoying sounds in the game, saving you the trouble of bleeding ears. Place in your dominions3\rawsound directory. Backup your original sound files as these will replace them!

Name: Better Independents 1.x
Name: Better Independents 2.x
Type: AI / Gameplay tweak
Author: Edi
Desc: A mod designed to eliminate the AI tendency to build hordes of independent chaff troops.

Name: Blank
Type: Gameplay tweak
Author: Edi
Desc: A proof-of-concept mod and instructions on how to use it to modify existing games on the fly if an unexpected problem is encountered (e.g. the infamous v3.10 sacred hydra bug).

Name: Spell Mods: Self spell, Madness & LOS 1 gem
Type: Spell tweaks
Author: vfb
Desc: Adds versions of some self buffs which never miss and makes Touch of Madness and Legions of Steel cost 1 gem each, avoiding unscripted castings of said spells.

Name: Powergamer's Mod
Type: Crazy games
Author: DrPraetorious
Desc: Combines the base game nations into a number of supernations with large numbers of units and spells.

Name: Black Tome of Alisophocus + Blessing Hotfix
Type: Spells + Bugfix
Author: DrPraetorious
Desc: Adds a number of new national spells to base game nations. Also fixes blessing to work on undead sacreds for non #undead tagged nations.

Name: Single Age mod
Type: Crazy games
Author: Gandalf Parker
Desc: This places all of the early, mid, and late era nations into the early era. With this mod enabled you can play early Ulm against late Ulm. Or you can put all 77 nations into one game. Great for playing on a giant 1500 province map.
note:It also includes the empty slots which are named "filler" and their slot number.
note2:Will not work for starting a game on servers.

Name: Greater Gods
Type: Pretenders
Author: Zlefin
Decs: The purpose of this mod is to make gods feel more truly GODlike. It is not intended to improve balance, though weaker gods have been given more buffs than stronger ones.

Name: Mytheology (original)
Name: Mytheology v3.0
Type: Pretenders and spells
Author: Psientist
Desc: Adds a wide selection of new pretenders, spells and summonable units to the game.

Name: Nova Deus II
Type: Pretenders
Author: Zepath
Desc: New artwork and some new descriptions for 20 generic pretenders and 16 new pretenders for select nations. Also contains the Pythian Iconoclast mod adding a new priest commander to Pythium.

Name: Streamers and Standards (missing newest nations)
Type: Flag graphics
Author: Zepath
Desc: Replaces all the vanilla national flags with better looking and more detailed versions.

Name: Streamers and Standards, llamabeast version (all nations)
Type: Flag graphics
Author: Zepath, modifications and some content by llamabeast
Desc: Replaces all the vanilla national flags with better looking and more detailed versions.

Name: The High Guild
Type: Unit addon
Author: Twan
Desc: This mod adds two recruitable human mages for each nation of the middle era, one with (A,E,F,W) magic, one with (D,S,N,B). They have 2 x 100% random + 1 random 50% and 1 random 10% but cost far more than national mages of the same power (275gp) and are #noleader. The high guild mages have special capacities if the nation need some (amphibian for sea nations, swamp survival for C'tis) but are a little more expensive or restricted for those nations (the high guild mages of sea nations have water 1 instead of one of their picks).

Name: Worthy Heroes
Type: National Heroes
Author: Turin / quantum_mechani
Desc: The mod improves most heros and enables a couple of additional heros which are in the game but seem to be disabled(bug?). It also adds new multiheroes for a lot of nations. Most of them are fairly generic high mage type heroes, but all of them should be useful and thematic. Almost all nations have a Multihero with the mod and every nation has at least 2.

Name: Epic Hero Mod MA
Author: Xietor, community.
Type: Starting heroes
Desc: Adds a new hero to each nation in the middle era, replacing their starting scout.

Name: New GUI
Type: GUI Change
Author: Flecha_das_Sombras
Desc: Changes the vanilla GUI for a more stylish and somewhat darker look.

Name: Pretender: Ultimate Tyrant
Type: Pretenders
Author: Ragnarok-X
Desc: Adds the general pretender 'Ultimate Tyrant', a super powerful Beholder, to Dom3.

Name: Conceptual Balance Mod 1.1
Name: Conceptual Balance Mod 1.3
Type: Balance modification
Author: quantum_mechani
Desc: Makes a huge number of changes to vanilla Dom3 in order to create a better balance and provoke the use of more varied strategies.

Name: Charge! Mod for Magical Spears
Type: Items mod
Author: Endoperez
Decs: Adds the charge bonus to all forged spear and lance items.

Name: QuickFix 3.10 V2 This mod is obsolete with current patches, as the bugs it addresses have been fixed. ~Edi
Type: Bugfix
Auhor: Endoperez
Desc: This is an unofficial mod that fixes some of the known problems of the 3.10 version - including the one which makes Serpent Cult hydras lose their sacred status. Other than that it's only minor fixes, typos and such.

Name: Brothers of the Cave
Type: New national heroes
Author: Endoperez
Desc: This mod creates two new heroes for Agartha. Obsidian Medium is available for both MA and LA Agartha, and gives them easier access to Death and Water. Agent of the Oracles is a MA Agarthan hero with weak magic, but a very useful Death/Fire combination. A version of the Agarthan hero has actually been added to the game officially, so that section of the mod may be obsolete. ~Edi

Name: Price of Power
Type: Balance altering
Author: PvK
Desc: This mod increases the costs and requirements for forging magic items which increase magical power, and the most powerful power-increasing spells. The purpose is to increase the difference between nations and pretender designs, by making it harder to acquire high levels in all paths of magic. It also increases the difficulty of reaching the more powerful magic abilities, and of reaching them with many mages, thus prolonging the
usefulness of lesser magic and of non-magic units, to some degree.

Name: Deadly Seas
Type: Gameplay alteration
Author: PvK
Desc: This mod effectively removes most of the undersea conquest from the game. Some elements remain - mostly provinces which have amphibious populations. This means that nations with some amphibious units (such as Agartha, or Late Ages Mictlan) can still make (limited) use of them. However the fully undersea nations are removed, and aquatic
independents now have extremely powerful water elementals (including random underwater independent attacks), which means that most seas are effectively off-limits.

Name: Debug Mod
Type: Debugging and testing
Author: ryo_akashi
Desc: This mod is intended for debugging the behaviour of Dominions3. It removes level restrictions for all spells and magic items. In addition, the mod introduces six new spells to help debug. The new spells are Super Wish, Super GoR, Divine Wish, Divine GoR, Contact Debug Sensei and Eyes of Debug. Ideally, you would want to start with an Astral pretender, a nation with recruitable Astral mage or a nation with recruitable priest/mage. You would wish for "gold", "gems" and/or "magic power" to setup the conditions for debug. The level restrictions for magic spells and items have been removed.

Name: MR4 Mod
Author: Kristoffer O
Type: Balance/gameplay
Desc: Removes all magic items and spells from level 4 upward.

Name: MR6 Mod
Author: Kristoffer O
Type: Balance/gameplay
Desc: Removes all magic items and spells from level 6 upward.

Name: Disband mod: Final Sacrifice
Author: llamabeast
Type: Gameplay
Desc: Adds a spell which kills large numbers of your own troops in a province - useful for killing off unwanted militia or other now-useless troops.

Last edited by llamabeast; September 6th, 2008 at 02:32 PM.. Reason: Added Final Sacrifice mod
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Default Mod Nations - EA



Name: Draconia, Rule of the Dragon Kings
Author: Mr_Matt
Desc: Draconia is an ancient nation ruled by the Dragon Kings.

Name: Nature, Tooth and Claw
Author: Cor2
Desc: A strangeness has overtaken the wilderness of Primevale, origin of all life. What was once Wild is now tame. What was once asleep is now awake. Even the stones stir with life. All the animals and nature itself are acting with an alien purpose. Nature is rising.

Name: The Troll Kingdoms
Author: Grizly
Desc: A nation of trolls. Powerful earth magic and elite troops combined with slave lizard chaff.

Name: Alugra, City of Wonders
Author: Burnsaber
Desc: Alugra is a human town built upon a huge underworld nexus of magical leylines. For ages, pure and undiluted magic has been seeping from the very soil of Alugra. Some lucky inviduals are affected by the magic and turn into 'gifted', superhumans with inhuman speed, resilience, strength and strange magical abilities. Once people in Alugra started to get magical powers, people started to move in Alugra, hoping to become something more than a meek human. The huge increase of population in short time has made the city into a hive of criminals, who have already managed to expand their power outside the magical city. Some of the gifted want to enslave these ungifted cattle while others want to protect them from the latter. This dance of Heroes and Villains has been going on for centuries, but now Alugra is united for the cause of the one true awakening god.

Nane: Urdheim, The Infinite Horde
Author: Saulot
Desc: A nation of Kobolds. Kobolds are tiny and weak lizardlike creatures possessing great speed. They are aggressive, xenophobic, yet quite industrious. Kobolds are noted for their skill at using poison, building traps, preparing ambushes, and mining. While having longer lifespans than humans, they reach adulthood in a matter of months, and breed frequently and in great numbers. They claim to be distantly related to dragons, which they worship as deities.

Name: Rohan
Author: Foodstamp
Desc: Brings the Lord of the Rings nation of Rohan to Dominions. The nation makes heavy use of Rohan's famed cavalry. Starts with the King of Rohan, who cannot be replaced.

Name: Gaea, Cradle of Forests
Author: Foodstamp
Desc: Cradle of Gaea plays very different from other nations, and should be a real challenge for players of all skill levels. Most units must be summoned or are received free according to dominion strength. All but a couple of commanders are bound to their home province; the player must use special units to seduce enemy commanders to lead their army.

Name: Dinnas'Arval,
Author: Juzza
Desc: A new Nation mod which adds the barbaric nation of Dinnas'Arval to the early age.

Name:Carthacia, Age of Exploration
Author: DrPraetorious
Desc: Hoburg Merchants sail the seas establishing many propserous colonies.

Name: Ogri, Stones of Blood
Author: DrPraetorious
Desc: Adds a nation of intelligent rocks to the early era. They have rubbish recruitables and are essentially a blood hunting nation.

Name: Padmassa, the Black Coven
Author: DrPraetorious
Desc: A mod introducing a really evil nation into the early era. It replaces *mid-period* Ermor (for technical reasons.) The current generation of the mod is lacking in artwork, Frank is working on some of it but if anyone else wants to draw some, it'd be schweet. Padmassa is a blend of classic villainy, but the immediate influences are Shadow of Ararat (by Thomas Harlan), Bazil Broketail (by Christopher Rowley), The Ring of Five Dragons (Eric van Lustbader) and The Dark Crystal (by Jim Henson.) By TNDP - art by Amos and Frank Trollman.

Name: Magoserium, Mana Starved Mages
Author: Uh-Nu-Buh
Desc: Extremely powerful mages in a mana starved land spread their influence to find and dominate magic gem sites to ensure their way of life.

Name: Haida Gwaii, Reunified Tribes
Author: Foodstamp
Desc: The Haida Gwaii mod adds a new playable nation to the early age of Dominions 3. Haida Gwaii is loosely based on the first nations of the northwest pacific coast of North America. This is not meant to be a historical representation of these people and many fantastic fictional ideas are thrown into the mod to round out the nation.

Name: Principalities, Arrival of Travelers
Author: Amos
Desc: Not able to fully materialize in this reality the mysterious travelers from another world use local hosts to take control.

Name: Seraphim, Angelic Crusade
Author: Amos
Desc: Holy Angelic Crusade is on the way to crush the opposition and convert the unbelievers.

Name: Insectoids, The Blight
Author: Amos
Desc: There are three main races of Insectoids united by the Insect god: the Nest, the Hive and the Swarm. Insectoids exist with the single purpose- to feed.

Name: Machaka, Spider Cult
Author: Twan
Desc: A human kingdom ruled by very powerful priests. All spiders are sacred to the Machakans.They only have ultra-light or super-heavy troops as they only know Spider Armors. This mod contains two versions of the nation - one starts with a powerful king unit, the other does not.

Name:Sar Elad, Age of Miracles
Author: Nerfix
Desc: Sar Elad is a kingdom of men who were led from slavery to freedom by a great Prophet.
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Default Mod Nations - MA


Name: Nehekhara, Tomb Kings
Author: llamabeast
Desc: An undead desert civilization, with an Egyptian theme. Loosely inspired by Games Workshop's Tomb Kings race for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Name: 11 Nations Mod
Author: sube
Desc: A mod containing 9 1/2 nations created by Sube, inspired by various sources, primarily the Black Moon Chronicles comic book. The nations are all for the middle era.

Name: Greyhawk Mod
Author: Twan
Desc: This mod contains the first three nations in the Greyhawk Mod: Highfolk (A nation of elves, gnomes, humans etc), The Pale (a theocracy with three templar orders) and Greyhawk (a city ruled by an oligarchy of mages, merchants and rogues).

Name: Mushroom Kingdom
Author: UninspiredName
Desc: An emerging race of turtle-men. The Mushroom Kingdom armies are comprised of Toad and Koopa light infantry, Yoshi cavalry, and the mighty Pirahna Plant artillery. They do not use bows. They can, however, field a good variety of mages.

Name: Tasilondren, Sphere Binders
Author: DrPraetorious
Desc: Introduces an experimental nation to the mid-era. You can't recruit any mages, you have to summon them, but you find magic sites very efficiently, you have very powerful sacred units, and once your mages get going, they're very good, for the price. Strong anime influences (Kurau, Haruhi Suzumiya).

Name: Seraphim, Impirium Angelicus
Author: Amos
Desc: Although thwarted by the Nephilim schism the Angels continue their Heavenly Crusade to spread the Word of God amongst the unbelievers.

Name: Stigia, Desert of Secrets
Author: Amos
Desc: To keep the secrets of the world below the Al'gunahkar are coming out of their catacombs.

Name: Commonwealth, Landfall
Author: Amos
Desc: Aliens from another world, the Commonwealth races are mostly resistant to cold, use weapons and armor shaped from enchanted ice and dont use ranged units. Their scientists are proficient in Water and Astral disciplines.

Name: Theran Empire, Horror Scourge
Author: Amos
Desc: Overwhelmed by the Scourge the Theran Empire begins worshiping the invading Horrors.

Name: Fallen Empire, Chaos Wars
Author: Amos
Desc: Nephilim are descendants of a schism within Angelic Seraphim Crusade. They come to this world in search of a new home.

Name: The Hoburg Alliance, Beer and Apples
Author: Teraswaerto
Desc: This is a reworked Dominions 3 version of my (with some help from Adept and Nekov) Hoburg Alliance Special Edition mod originally released for Dominions 2. Based on Illwinter's sample mod.

Name: Absaroka, Blood Moon Rising
Author: Maraxus
Desc: Tribal Nation with Wendigos as leaders.

Name: Skaven, Warhammer Nation
Author: Sombre
Desc: An adaptation of the Warhammer Skaven race/army into Dominions. Skaven are evil chaos spawned ratmen who infest tunnels beneath the surface and periodically boil to the surface in attempts to conquer and enslave the other races.

Name: Ogre Kingdoms, Warhammer Nation
Author: Sombre
Desc: A nation based on the Warhammer Army Ogre Kingdoms, which is all about smashing and stomping with little in the way of research. The Ogres are normally nomadic or territorial raiders, but uner the leadership of a new OverTyrant they have united to consume the world.

Name: Arga Dis, Blood and Bronze
Author: Sombre
Desc: A nation of total warriors who hate weakness and field perhaps the best soldiers in the world. They are ruled over by vicious blood giants called Gilgans that they released for eternal imprisonment in exchange for the survival of their city. Think 300 + arco + lanka + my fevered imagination.

Name: Tharoon, Decadent Overlords
Author: Sombre
Desc: A nation heavily based on the Tharoon race from SSI's Warwind games. They are large nagalike snake people with advanced minds and magic who prefer stealth and skill to brute force.

Name: Avernum, Crystal Souls
Author: Sombre
Desc: A nation of Vahnatai, Nephils (catmen), Humans and Slith (lizardmen) based on the Exile series.

Name: Free Port, Time of Conquest
Author: Juzza
Desc: The City of Free Port has forever been a haven for mercenaries, merchants and cuthroats of every veriety, makeing money for Free Port is easy, mustering a military campain is hard, but with the awakening of gods all over the world the city of Free Port would surely be a target for any sea fairing nation from the inland for all the money it brings in. "Free Port would never belong to anyone and will always remain free!" so proclaims the new god of Free Port.

Name: Tarent, Rise of Technology
Author: Juzza
Desc: Based on the game Arcanum by Troika. Tarent is a technological nation which has recently turne to the reigning Panarii Religion. The self proclaimed reincarnation of Nasrudin has returned to vanquish the evil. The evil, he claims, are the other pretenders of the world and he says the world will not be safe for Tarent until all the pretenders are vanquished.

Name: Kaleva, Songs of Sorcery
Author: Endoperez
Desc: A nation based on the Finnish epic Kalevala and other Finnish mythology. Stealthy, lightly armored forest troops and mages, supported by goblins. Spellsingers, capable of casting spellsongs unique to the nation, have great influence.

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Name: Eriu, Reformation
Author: DrPraetorious
Desc: A nation inspired by the Orangemen and Reformation in Europe. Milesians have embraced the Universal Priesthood and even humble farmers may take on the mantle of holy warriors.

Name: Machaka, Golden Kingdom
Author: DrPraetorious
Desc: A Late Era version of Machaka. Currently in alpha.

Name: Catharcia, Forges of Molech
Author: DrPraetorious
Desc: A nation of semi-evil hoburgs who have turned to infernal machinery in order to conquer the surrounding lands. They use clockwork creatures (which do not cost gold) and forge magic heavily.

Name: Hesalt, Illusions of Power
Author: quantum_mechani
Desc: Hesalt is a remote northern kingdom, long under the dominion of Ulm until the Malediction brought them unexpected indepedence. With the ban on magic lifted, a guild of seers known as diviners quickly came to power and acted as able advisors to the rulers of Hesalt. More recently, the arrival of exiled seraphs of Caelum has had a profound impact on the kingdom. Using illusion and subterfuge, the seraphs took control of Hesalt vitually unnoticed. With the aid of their magic, the seraphs have through conquest swifly grown the kingdom of Hesalt into a force to be reckoned with. To most of the populace, however, the only sign of the rise of the seraphs are rumors of mysterious phantoms patrolling the borders of the kingdom.

Name: Pythium, Wild Magic
Author: odd_enuf
Desc: Adds an LA Pythium nation to the game which has a wide variety of magic and some unusual traits.

Name: The Hoburg Kingdom, Crossbows and Butter
Author: Normalphil
Desc: A late era nation of militaristic hoburgs. They are the 17th and 18th century come 'round again as farce. Only not funny at all. Created by Normalphil, heavily based off of Teraswarto/Nekov/Adept/Illwinter's Hoburg Alliance mod, lifts some graphics.

Name: LA Necropolis, City of the Everdying
Author: Zepath
Desc: Necropolis is a theocratic city-state inhabited by a cursed people. When their bodies die their souls remain and animate the corpse. These everdying are known as purgators. Powerful ethereal wizards and semi-dead priests rule the City of the Everdying and command armies of living infantry and dead elites.

Name: Teutanion, Age of Honor
Author: Zepath
Desc: Clinging to a code of chivalric virtue, a nation led by knightly humans stands firm against the evils on their borders. The wizards of Teutanion are quite skilled in elemental magics.

Name: Kharamdzu, Hoist the Black Flag
Author: Zepath.
Desc: A nation of dwarves driven from their underground homelands have become pirates.

Name: Sanguinia, Vampire Counts
Author: Zepath
Desc: From their stark mountainside castles a race of vampires has enthralled an unsuspecting human kingdom and risen to power. The vampires of Sanguinia are powerful blood mages who can perform blood sacrifices.

Name: Sylvania, The Last New Dawn
Desc: In a secret city hidden deep within verdant forests lives a race of lithe, beautiful beings: the Sylvankind. The Elves. Elves are powerful nature mages with strange gods.

Name: Vaettihiem, Exiled Tribes
Author: Sombre
Desc: Exiled Vaetti and Gygjas with wolven, draconian and troll allies. Based on a sample mod by Illwinter / QM.

Name: New Ulm, Iron Faith Reborn
Author: Sombre
Desc: Thematically replaces Late Era 'Ulm, Black Forest' by adding 'New Ulm, Iron Faith Reborn', a priest heavy nation with powerful sacreds. Essentially Ulm finally got religion.

Name: New Jomon, Broken Swords
Author: Sombre
Desc: Thematically replaces Late Era Jomon by adding 'New Jomon, Broken Swords'. Jomon has suffered a catastrophe and is now controlled by malevolent female demons and undead.

Name: New Crobuzon, Expansionist Government
Author: Amos
Desc: The advancement of mechanical science coupled with extensive knowledge in thaumaturgy makes for a strange blend in the rising power of New Crobuzon.

Name: Trade Confederation, New Dawn
Author: Amos
Desc: Trade Confederation is a corporation controlling trade in many worlds of the multiverse. Now their expansion is becoming a religious crusade.

Name: Blood Elves, Ultimate Corruption
Author: Amos
Desc: Massive assault of the corrupted Blood Elves will engulf the world.

Name: Fallen Nation, Stigian Corruption
Author: Amos
Desc: Nephilim are descendants of a schism within Angelic Seraphim Crusade. Now they have become corrupted by Despoilers.

Name: Theran Empire, Reign of the Vampiri
Author: Amos
Desc: Passing of the Scourge causes power shift in the Theran Empire.

Name: Themiskyra, Amazon Queens
Author: Frank Trollman
Desc: A mod adapting Peter von Kleinsmid's Amazon Empire mod for Dominions 2 into Dominions 3.

Name: Barbarian Hordes, Reunified Tribes
Author: Bandarlover
Desc: The various barbarian tribes have unified in the face of the inpending doom brought about by the various 'civilized'nations of Evershy.

Name: Fthaqqua, Cult of Fthaqqua
Author: Honeybadger
Desc: From out of depths of space and time, dimensions unimaginable, comes the Great Death and it's hordes, bent on the destruction of all magic, all hope, all life in the universe.

Name: Hellgate
Author: Amos
Desc: A nation of Demons

Name: Shogun of the Dark - Rise of the Ninja
Author: spirokeat
Desc: A ninja based nation for LA, meant to play alongside or instead of Jomon


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Default Replacement Nations



Name: Mesothalassa, Scourge of the Deep
Author: Foodstamp
Desc: Replaces MA Oceania with a new nation found in the early era of Dominions 3. The name of the nation and the name of most the units come from an MMORPG called ?Dark Age of Camelot?. I have strived to give this nation an interesting theme based upon the assumption that the nation of Mesothalassa has difficulties leaving the sea, so they utilize undead and golems to do their bidding.


Name: Role Playing MA Pangaea
Author: Quenetar
Desc: A mod improving middle age Pangaea. "Improved" means with a lot of more sprites and units. The main goal of Pangaea Imp(roved) is to enhance the roleplaying potential, so I try to keep gameplay of the nation.

Name: Marignon, Realm of the Twiceborn
Author: Teraswaerto
Desc: Marignon with recruitable Twiceborn elite troops. Powerful expensive priests. Mages of fire, death and sorcery.

Name: Ulm Update
Author: Endoperez
Desc: This mod makes MA Ulm slightly more powerful by granting Ulm more protection, a way to keep their forces from routing, cheap light infantry, an archer chassis and a thug chassis.

Name: Black Steel of Ulm
Author: Arralen
Desc: The /other/ balance update for MA Ulm. It makes numerous changes designed to make MA Ulm less underpowered.

Name: Kingdom of Avalon
Author: Xietor
Desc: An update to MA Man to give it a boost in MP game and make it slightly more competitive.


Name: Rebalanced Pangaea
Author: Arralen
Desc: Late Era Pangaea with rebalancing changes to improve gameplay.

Name: Jomon, Blademaster Era
Author: UninspiredName
Desc: A different take on Jomon, a Late Age nation. When the humans of Jomon overthrew the Bakemono, they began experimenting with new weapons.

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Author of:
EA Principalities, Arrival of Travelers
EA Seraphim, Angelic Crusade
EA Insectoids, The Blight
MA Seraphim, Impirium Angelicus
MA Commonwealth, Landfall
MA Theran Empire, Horror Scourge
MA Fallen Empire, Chaos Wars
MA Stigia, Desert of Secrets
LA New Crobuzon, Expansionist Government
LA Trade Confederation, New Dawn
LA Blood Elves, Ultimate Corruption
LA Fallen Nation, Stigian Corruption
LA Theran Empire, Reign of the Vampiri
Works on: Nations exclusively.
Summary: Amos is the most prolific modder in the community, with 12 nations released, each of which contains a substantial quantity of new units, spells, heroes and sprites. Amos has a distinct and impressive graphical style and it would perhaps be fair to say his mods provide the most eyecandy of any on these boards. He also makes the most of the mod commands available, pioneering new kinds of units and playstyles. On top of this he has continued to support and update his various nations with improved graphics, bugfixes, balance changes and the like. Amos has something of a reputation for producing overpowered mod nations and it's true that in most cases he hasn't tried to balance to vanilla standards, instead balancing his mods against each other and focusing on fun SP play.

Author of:
MA Skaven, Warhammer Nation
MA Ogre Kingdoms, Warhammer Nation
MA Arga Dis, Blood and Bronze
MA Tharoon, Decadent Overlords
MA Avernum, Crystal Souls
LA Vaettihiem, Exiled Tribes
LA New Ulm, Iron Faith Reborn
LA New Jomon, Broken Swords
Works on: Nations, balance mods, this mod list
Summary: As the original author of this post, it feels a bit silly for me to summarise my own contributions to the mod community, so I'll keep it quick. Since joining this community I have produced a number of nations and contributed to larger modding projects while offering a little help and encouragement to other modders. I confess I am more of a modder now than a player. I continue to work largely on Warhammer Nations for Dom3 but also update my older mods from time to time.

Author of:
LA Teutanion, Age of Honor
LA Kharamdzu, Hoist the Black Flag
LA Sanguinia, Vampire Counts
LA Sylvania, The Last New Dawn
LA Necropolis, City of the Everdying
Nova Deus II
Streamers and Standards
Streamers and Standards (updated by llamabeast)
Works on: Nations, graphics, pretenders, maps.
Summary: Zepath is the modder who inspired Sombre to mod. He is well known for the outstanding graphics, attention to detail and presentation in his work. Zepath vanished after completing a number of his mods and was thought lost to the community, but recently returned and gave us an excellent Warhammer World map which is already very popular.

Author of:
EA Ogri, Stones of Blood
EA Carthacia, Age of Exploration
EA Padmassa, the Black Coven
MA Tasilondren, Sphere Binders
LA Eriu, Reformation
LA Catharcia, Forges of Molech
LA Machaka, Golden Kingdom
Powergamer's Mod
Black Tome of Alisophocus + Blessing Hotfix
Custom Army Design System
Spell Modding Guide
Works on: Nations, spells, code diving, balance, compilation mods
Summary: DrPraetorious AKA TNDP is a longstanding and vocal member of the community who has authored much work and contributed to many projects. He is our resident code diver, grabbing information on units, codes, sites, special abilities and modding fields from the game. This information has been of great use to many modders and has helped flesh out out Edi's near comprehensive database. TNDP will admit he's not much of an artist and his mods reflect this, but his knowledge of the inner workings of the game and skills with code have made him an important member of the modding community.

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