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Old March 21st, 2010, 02:16 PM

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Default Stargate SGC Conflicts In Space Ver1.1 Starfury Mod Available For Download

I have just finished with the Stargate Conflicts In Space Ver1.1 Mod. I have put quite a bit of time in this polishing off the original mod and adding in new stuff as well as some changes. The story line is the same but the mod plays better with the "smarter" allied AI. I've included a list below of most of the changes that I made to the mod.

Stargate SGC Conflicts In Space Mod Ver1.1 is now available for download at file front. (upload size too large for this site)
Place the mod in the campaigns folder. Don't forget to download the music file and place the contents of the music file in the Stock Star Fury music folder. The link to my file front site is: http://www.filefront.com/user/rstaats10

Version 1.1 Mod

Additions/Changes from version 1.0

(1) *Major Improvement*-Improved response range of player and allied ships by creating a
new response range called Extra Long Range so allied ships will engage in the battles
instead of wandering about aimlessly.

(2) *Major Improvement*-Changed most job route patterns from Search & Destroy to Planet to
Planet and Warp Point to Warp Point to get both allied ships and mainly the enemy ships
(using a lower response range) to move about the map. (Due to the fact that search and
destroy only keeps the ships within their limited response range on the map).

(3) *Major Improvement*-Slowed all player and enemy ships Base Maximum Speed down to make
the combat a little easier and reduce crashing since player is not so out of control
at lower speeds. (Player ships still retain a slight speed advantage to help them
out of tough situations though)

(4) *Major Improvement*-Reduced all player and enemy ships Base Acceleration and Base Turn
Rates to keep them more in line with a ship respective of their size and function.
(Keeps the Quirkiness down somewhat on the ships movements and make them look better
in flight).

(5) Created new AI Script called Terran Medium-Long Range that is used on some of the SGC
ships to keep them from firing at too close a range and to keep them from bunching up
quite so much with each other and enemy ships.

(6) Changed the Aschen Carrier AI Script from Pirate Medium Range to Pirate Long Range to
keep the Carrier at more of a proper safe distance from the heat of the battle.

(7) Fixed some misspellings and grammar errors in the Display Text, Missions, Events, Jobs,
and Speech Text files. (the best I could at least)

(8) Changed some Jobs to give more time for the job to be completed. Also, changed some
ship groups in certain jobs and fixed the text in the load/drop cargo jobs to better
clarify what needs to be done for the drop after the load is done. Also fixed job
timings to better match the event display text.

(9) Changes numerous events around to allow better game play. One such example resulted
in better allied participation during the Iris attack.

(10) Increased Random Speech Check Time Interval in the campaign file and decreased the
percent chance for speech in each of the races speech text.

(11) Removed unnecessary Beta Xfiles of the Tauri Cruiser from the Xfiles folder
thereby decreasing the file size.

(12) Gave SGC F-302 Fighters and Fighter Bays to the SGC HQ Spacestation so they can launch
them in battle.

(13) Addition of a new component (and component bitmap picture) called the SGC High Energy
Timed Charge. They can be found in the Earth and SGC HQ Spacestation spacedocks. These
charges work basically like mines except they have a 30 second fuse delay and can be
detonated within 30 range of any ship/base/planet. They cause quite a bit of damage and
work well to help break a hole a pesky base or planet defense, (I like to think of them
as a player crutch incase the player needs help in taking out the defenses of a
base/planet and is having trouble with that).

(14) Addition of a new component bitmap picture for Teal'c's fighter that is labeled Teal'c
so the player may be more readily identify Teal'c's fighter in their ship's cargo bay.

(15) Replaced some of the regular Missiles on the upgraded SGC Ships in the purchase ships
enemy file to the upgraded Missile versions.

(16) Changed both the Rail Gun's component bitmap effect and sound effect to a more
pleasing one.

(17) Changed numerous ships explosion rings and radius'. Also created a couple of new
explosion rings bitmaps.

(18) Loweed the speed of most bitmap weapons effects.

(19) Fixed beam burn colors to better reflect the beam color.

(20) Lowered the volume of the annoying stock Cargo Beep sound considerably thereby allowing
me to keep the volume turned up normally while playing the mod and not listen to the
beeps so much.

(21) Added a new component for the Aschen called the Aschen Dedicated Blister Beam. It is
placed on the largest 3 types of Aschen Capital ships and is specific for the Aschen
ships and cannot be used by the player.

(22) Fixed the Aschen color on the Quadrant map.

(23) Fixed the issues with the bases in the Vollian system not showing up as the right race
relation and they now have their fighters stocked properly.

(24) Addition of 3 SGC Ships to the Earth system load map to provide some initial
"eye candy" to the start of the mod.

(25) Some changes in the Main Enemy Groups.

(26) Increased shields and regeneration ability for Gerak's and Bra'tac's ships.

(27) Added 3 additional firing points to the starting player's F-302 fighter to give better
visual weapons firing effects.

(28) Added 4 extra hull spaces to the player's SGC Light Cruiser and 5 extra hull spaces to
the player's SGC Cruiser. For the SGC Cruiser, the size of the Cruiser's portrait
bitmap and the shieldlayout bitmap were enlarged and re-slotted to help accomodate the
extra hull slots. The Light Cruiser's existing bitmaps could accomodate the extra
slots with no changes needed.

(29) Reduced Collision Damage Source/Target Amount Factor from 1.0 to 0.5. (keeps samller
ships/fighters from damaging players ship too easy after a collison)

(30) Reduced Target Type Base Defense Offset from 1000 to 40. (planets/bases just took too
much time to destroy when their defense offset was that high)

(31) Adjusted all ships Base Attack Abilities and Base Defense Abilities.

(32) Adjusted all fighters. Gave all fighters a small amount of armor. Lowered the Tonnage
Structures on all fighters armor, shields and weapons to give an overall lower fighter
Total Hull Structure. (easier to destroy and when there is a collison there is not as
much damage to the player's ship)

(33) Made enemy planets a little less difficult to destroy.

(34) Other minor changes.

I have some suggestions and/or comments to help your game play of this mod.

(1) this mod follows a story-line. If you stray from the story and destroy a base or something outside of your current mission then the mod may not work right. Follow the missions provided to you.
(2) Invisible ships is due to something wrong with the Starfury exe files not the mod...best recommendation is to reload the save until your ship appears...enemy ships sometime are invisible too...was like that in the stock game too.
(3) Make multiple saves of your game to prevent a problem/death or whatever from making you start over.
(4) Do not alter your credits with a cheat since the triggers will be messed up and game will not work properly.
(5) Read the text when you go to the planets/spacestations/bases. Also if it says to buy a ship at the hangar remember to do so to prevent a game problem later. (6) All asteroids and some planets can be destroyed. (I didn't want to make all planets only certain key mission planets...would take too long to make all)
(7) When you press "V" your mission status box will appear...check both the "show completed" and "show failed" so all you see is only the missions in progress. If a mission says "Failure is not an option" then you must complete that mission to move on. If a mission says "Continue on even if says fail" then this mission was just used to load ships and don't worry if it says failed.
(8) If the game is too fast or slow for you press - or + on the keyboard to either slow down or speed up the game. + works nicely when travelling from warp point to warp point to decrease travel time in real time. - can be good during close combat if you need to slow things down.
(9) Don't forget to use your fighters and escort ships and recall them before they are destroyed to repair them.
(10) This mod is a long one. Don't try and finish it in 1 day. It's not possible. Take your time and enjoy the adventure. I've completely play-tested it with no cheats and it plays just fine.
( The player ships are generally a little faster than the enemies. Use your ship's superior speed to your advantage in battle.)

***This game is based off the TV series Stargate SG-1. However, it does not follow the series 100%. There are some new races and ships for the races, etc, etc. For the die-hard Stargate fans, don't worry about it not being exactly like the series. Just have fun with it.***
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Old March 22nd, 2010, 10:06 PM

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Default Re: Stargate SGC Conflicts In Space Ver1.1 Starfury Mod Available For Download

Downloading now!

Can't wait to play it.

Keep up the good work.

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